Discussion: Strzok: 'There Was No Conspiracy' At FBI To Stop Trump From Winning Election

The whole daily conspiracy thing , the deep state, the evil “democrat” party,the veiled threats by Trump…it gets a little tedious.We had a functional government for decades even during the bleak Nixon years…we are set back by a decade due to the insanity of this President.


Goddamn I wish there had been and it had worked!!


A decade? Try six or seven decades…

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“If there are members of the Trump campaign who are actively illegally colluding with the government of Russia, that’s something the American people need to know, that’s something candidate Trump potentially needs to know.”

Problem is he already knew it and had the FBI started an investigation Dump would have taken it public as an example of his persecution. It really was a no-win situation, but Comey (remember Comey?) fucked it up even worse when he announced the Return of the Email Search (eeeek!).

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again, gotta question the intelligence of those who scream deep state conspiracy.

I want to ask: Are you reading the words, is it the words you don’t understand? If you understand the words, is it that you think that the deep state conspiracy was so inept that they were not able to overcome the awesomeness of the russian influence on the election? Are you trying to say that Comey’s interference by sabotaging Hillary’s campaign with his letter days before the election was actually a ruse to assist Hillary’s chances? Are you that fucking stupid? If you are that fucking stupid then your opinion has no value, if you are trolling, then your opinion has no value. If you want to be considered in the conversation you are going to have to put the stupid down and step far away from it.

It’s as dumb as most conservative thinking. If there was a leftist “deep state” Trump would never have been elected. Trust Fox news, Trump and the rest of the Conservarati to use the fact that the FBI agents who loathed Trump and did nothing to stop his election are Deep State goons out to get him.


He was pretty much forced into it by the uber-conservative FBI members who’d leaked the info to Mayor 9/11 and probably others. Its a shame Comey didn’t also tell the press about the Russia investigation.

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Trolls don’t want to be part of the conversation, they want to disrupt the conversation, turn it into a free-for-all.

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If it’s me you’re talking to, perhaps the phrase I should have use was “if the FBI had told Dump they had started an investigation he would have taken it public as an example of his persecution.”

As to Comey, he himself has said he had two choices. He made the dumb one because he believed the uberconservative FBI agents in NY would have outed it. But they would have had to do it anonymously. He made the announcement, which made it official, which cast her under suspicion, which potentially cost her the election.

Do I think the Russians had a hand in it? They were up to their elbows in it chipping away at the confidence of the American electorate. But Comey allowed himself to be played and I find it hard to believe that anyone would doubt that didn’t have an effect.

ETA: I also believe I’ve been part of this community long enough to deserve the courtesy not to be labeled a troll.

I was in no way addressing anything that you commented, I will frequently write comments directed at the nameless/faceless just to express my frustration, so my comment was directed at general deep state conspiracy idiots

I just write stoopid snark to relieve pressure.

As do I! Unfortunately sometimes I’m less than elegant in my wording.