Discussion: Stormy Daniels On Her New Liberal Hero Status: ‘I’m Just The Lesser Of Two Evils’

“When I started this, I just wanted to save my own ass,” she continued, “not everybody else’s.”

Oh get over yourself. The fact you slept with the most disgusting man on the planet is enough of a reason to hope you end up on the old news pile the same day Trump is impeached or put in prison.


“I’m just the lesser of two evils,” she told Vogue. “Trump or Stormy? Which one am I gonna pick? Well, if I have to pick one, she’s got better hair.”

Not according to Jimmy Fallon.

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May that show forever drive him to despair.

I think she’s handling it pretty well.


Stormy has class and wealth, neither of which does Trump have. Trump is broke and in debt. He’s only running his decades’ long Ponzi Scheme. Meanwhile, Stormy is a competent businesswoman who is well-spoken and attractive (again, unlike Trump). If you - Steviedee111 - are bigoted against whores, it’s your problem, not anyone else’s. Such are bigots … ignorant and self-centered.


If Stormy helps bring down Trump I am all for her.
Other then that I really don’t care.


I suffered from your reading comprehension issues at one time. I was worried sick it was a brain tumor, but then I got tri-focals and everything became clear again. Well, not everything. Calculus still confounds me.


Write on, Steph.


I await with bated breath your explanation of how a hair joke makes @steviedee111 bigoted against whores. Unless you meant bigoted against hairs, in which case:


So, “real people sex” is where the guy undresses down to his skivvies to surprise his date, and she acquiesces because it’s just too much trouble to resist. Got it. Knew I was missing something. So much easier and more efficient than that bit where you undress each other and glory in the delay. Wondered what I’d been doing wrong.

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I find it refreshing that you dare to speak out on what absolutely no one else is thinking.


Frankly, if you don’t have a circus midget, a donkey and a trapeze in on the act it’s pretty pedestrian.


The thing that’s ironic about her being a liberal hero is that her actual politics are more conservative, kind of semi-libertarian. That was pretty clear when she was thinking about making a primary challenge against David Vitter a few years back. But, while that’s worth noting so that we’re actually talking about her and not our idea of what she should be, I think anyone who lets that get in the way of admiring her is an idiot. And, anyone who lets the fact that she’s a sex worker get in the way of admiring her is a double-fool hypocritical idiot.


I think if you read the bit more closely you’d see its point was her getting over herself. And just a reminder…she slept with Trump 10 years before he became president.


I see this – and similar stories – as the Delilah or Salome myth writ large.
That the appeal of such myths goes way back is no accident. Something in us admires these women.

One can picture Trump’s head on a cake platter.


I think by “real people sex” she just means that it was fairly vanilla and pedestrian, nothing outrageous and not like what people see her do on camera.


The words lesser of the two just don’t seem appropriate in describing Stormy.

She’s made it pretty clear that she slept with Trump because she felt kind of obligated to, based on what his expectations were and where the evening was going. If you think you’re in a position to condemn any woman for that kind of choice then you’re the one who needs to get over himself.


This thread already feels toxic.

Get the man bleach!

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A remarkably perceptive person.