Discussion: STILL NOT NORMAL: Why Trump's Presser Was So Jarring

Already had Nixon, Reagan, and the Bush crime family.


“But I think there also has been an expectation that at some point those inclinations to blow up norms would be converted in service of a specific set of programs—that the destruction of what went before would eventually give way to the construction of what he expects to do once he’s in office,” he continued.

Expectations by who? The same clueless dullards that kept going on about how he was going to be pivoting any second now?


He has one mode: narcissistic sociopath. That’s it.


This is worse. Early stage dementia crossed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And the nuclear codes! Good times ahead.


Well, other than the display of Bill Clinton accusers.


Because he had already been compromised by the video(s) the Russians had. He knows they exist,and they embarrass him (which, given who we are talking about…they must be really bad!) so much, that he can’t stomach the idea of even his own staff finding out.

EDIT TO ADD: And not just his staff, his family. I am pretty sure he couldn’t care less what Melania thinks…but his precious Ivanka? A sex tape? (Probably with hookers younger than her, which violates that promise he gave to her many years ago). Nor is it just how he would diminish in her eyes…because she will be forced to stand by Daddy, her image will be irreparably damaged as well. Indeed, the whole Trump brand name is in danger here. Compromised by video surveillance in a hotel is bad. But its triply bad when you run a business of hotels and condos. Having the Trump name aligned with hidden surveillance sex tapes is probably unrecoverable.

Again, because he knows what is there, and already has a good idea of what the IC has found out. Yes,to a normal person it would make sense to have the briefings to find out for sure, but for this NPD buffoon, even having THAT conversation is too embarrassing, and therefore too much of an affront to his personality, to do that.

Putin has him. They have compromising material, that combined with his personality disorder(s), provide a perfect mechanism to make him their compliant puppet. And its one thing that Trump has been adamant about and never strayed…being nice to Putin. Beyond just nice, he has and is still talking about pulling out of NATO or seriously weakening it, about lifting all sanctions on Russia, and even had his son enter into negotiations with the Russians on what they want to do with Syria. So not just being nice…complete and total capitulation and willingly working to further Russia’s goal on every issue.

This really isn’t that hard to figure out, and its driving me mad watching the MSM continue to act like they are shocked and don’t know what is going on. Quite frankly, the only reason this particular part of the story is actually catching any traction with the MSM is because…prostitutes and kinky sex acts, with video and audio…all to eventually be revealed. Mounting a cyber coup through manipulation to install a compromised asset as the head of Russia’s most powerful adversary, OUR country? Boooring. Naked prostitutes doing kinky things on camera? CA-CHING!!


Nope. A different style, but the same rotten policies.

They are ALL nuts.


Yup. This is as good as it gets. There is no other, better Donald Trump. (Who said that?)


I guess no one has ever bothered to let him know that he works for us, not the other way around. He can’t fire me, but I could, with some help, fire his sorry ass.


Oh no, Nixon’s Blue Folders with the “transcripts” from his tape recordings from the Oval Office were the best props ever.


Seems to me that this would have been a great opportunity for Trump to show up with Mitt Romney’s Binders Full of Women™.


The rest of the world must be on terror alert at this point. This dude is out of control.


“I think Donald Trump has one mode," he said. "That is the kind of Trump as a larger-than-life figure who is on the one hand doing tremendous, beautiful, great things, and on the other hand is surrounded by vicious enemies who will do everything to tear him down.”

If we’re picking sides, I’m cheering for the vicious enemies to tear him down - because I know he’s not going to do any tremendous, beautiful, great things that will have any positive effect on my life or the lives of about 99% of us.


Where is Zaphod when we need him?


Yes his affinity to tear down both the press and the intelligence community is now looking like this will be his downfall. Enemies abound in his small mind. Those enemies, imagined in that Trumpian brain, will become real enemies when they tear into him, his Russkie dealings, his massive conflict of interest and his families complicity in all of these things and more.

He thinks he’s so, so smart. Newsflash:making real enemies of the press AND the entire US intelligence agency is the dumbest thing any president can do. Ah, but I guess I answered my own question.

Bye-bye Trumpee boy. Don’t let the door hit you in your massive rear-end on the way out!


R friends on FB: “Oh, I wish he would quit tweeting! It’s so embarrassing!”

face palm


Urine over your head Master Trump, urine over your head.


I hope he never stops. It is having the affect I hoped it would from what you are saying.




In fact, he will get much, much worse.

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