Discussion: Stewart Uses Fox's Own Clips Against It To Slam 'Benghazi Rage-gasm' (VIDEO)

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The Benghazi ragers still think it’s true, though. They’ll never apologize, they’ll just move on to their next fake outrage.


Well played, Jon!


Jon nailed it.


They will never move on. They will roll this into their next fake thing.

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He does this better than anyone does it. Benghazi Fox!


Said it before and will say it again,Mr Stewart you will be leaving when needed more than ever.BTW Rachel Maddow be Rachel Maddow,there is already John Stewart.Stop with the impersonation with your delivery.IMHO.

The Faux has been out of the bag for quite some time, it makes no difference.
They are admitted distorters of fact, intentional rabble rousers, partisan sensationalists, anchored by a world class liar with foreign ownership and hypocrisy is their game. They don’t try to hide it, like their racist and sexist views, but they get butthurt big-time when it is constantly exposed.

Every day is a new day at Faux, yesterday, last month and last year mean nothing. From mesmerized viewer to their foreign leader, they start each new day hungry for outrage, find it, suck it up, exist on it and go to bed fulfilled.
Never mind that they are outraged at the very things that they do, the one way blinders keep that from ever sinking in.


Gonna miss the hell out of you Jon…

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I wonder how some of those anchors at Fox sleep at night. They have to know what they are doing. Megan Kelly has small kids. What does she think she is teaching them. Its sad, but if you believe in God you know they will have their own judgement one day…Roger Ailes should be trying to get right (no pun intended) with God…he is old and his time aint far.

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Jon, stay through the 2016 election at least. I have a feeling we are going to need you once the nightly Hillary-hating gets underway.


We are SOOO gonna miss him!

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It doesn’t matter if it’s true. The entire Benghazi fake outrage is entirely about generating talking points against Hillary. Truth doesn’t matter in the conservative echo chamber, narrative does, and this provides “proof” for their narrative so they can keep talking about it and keep the rest of the media thinking there is some there there.


But, but, but, but, but, but…

“It don’t matter to me cause I’m a white guy.”