Discussion: Stewart Spars With Marco Rubio On The Economy: 'Shun Him!' (VIDEO)

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…corporations are people, but they’re sociopaths.

Most quotable line of the week.


Rubio is another repub joke, revoke his citizenship.

Sadly, the direction we are going is in the replacement of people with technology. It isn’t a recent event, but has been going on for at least a decade, maybe longer. I can’t criticize Rubio for this opinion because he’s correct. Not overly fond of him, but I have been first-hand witness to this in my worklife for the last 20 years. It is no longer anecdotal. And it’s why education is failing the younger generations because there will be less and less hands-on work and more and more technical support (programming, computer-usage) in business.

Gone are the days when a kid with a low-level class rank can graduate high school with minimal skills and just get a job running a machine in a manufacturing environment and expect to have a job for life. Those days are absolutely gone.

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I’ve never liked Rubio - and I love Stewart - but Rubio scored a whole lot of points in that interview last night and even did a decent job of reconciling his ideas with the tea party “philosophy.” Stewart exaggerated what most tea partiers have to say about government, and it gave Rubio an opening.

But as with immigration, I’m sure Rubio will find a convenient reason to backtrack.

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Senator Rubio; proud of his ignorance, and not afraid to show it off on national television. He just doesn’t get it, does he? I’m sure there’s a nice warm seat in the clown car for this idiot, but he, like so many others, will NEVER be elected President of this country. Cognitive dissonance; it’s what’s for dinner!

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There is no excuse - NONE - for Rubio’s and the GOP’s steadfast opposition to increasing the minimum wage. People who work deserve to earn enough money to live on - a living wage. The fact that some employers will opt to use machines is irrelevant, especially since Rubio admits companies will eventually do so anyway. I am surprised Rubio did not use the excuse that companies will simply ship those jobs overseas. Not ALL jobs can be shipped overseas, specifically the type Rubio mentioned which I presume was fast food workers. Sure, customers may eventually enter their orders themselves, but who will cook those orders? And who will then package them up and give them to the customer? Who will clean the restaurant? Surely, THOSE workers deserve an increase in the minimum wage. Rubio and the GOP are simply doing the bidding of their corporate masters, plain and simple. His feigned concern about low wage earners losing their jobs to technology is duly noted – and summarily dismissed.


We’ve gone from republicans being wrong on every economic prediction for 15 [fuckin’] years… to them claiming credit, while still giving the same shit economic proposals that sank the economy. If I wasn’t one of us – I’d have giving up hope for us by now.


When machines can trade and consume – then I’ll start worrying… but until then – he’s an idiot bombazo.

I am pretty sure Rubio specifically checked his talking points with the Chamber of Commerce (or rather they spoon-fed them to him) prior to appearing on The Daily Show.

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It is stunning and sad that not one reporter ever brings up your point that the GOPers have indeed been wrong on every economic prediction since Shrub. Actually it goes back further since they all claimed doom and gloom during the 1990s as a result of the Clean Air Act of 1990. Meanwhile, the economy boomed during the Clinton years.


So a touchscreen will replace a person at the MacDonald’s drive-thru–and per both Stewart and Rubio it is only a matter of when, not if. There is nothing wrong with that. Technology always will and should shift the job market–particularly low wage jobs. We can’t move away from coal (to more environmentally appropriate energy sources) because that will cost jobs. We can’t eliminate unneeded military equipment because that too will cost jobs. There will be transitional hardship, but when jobs are no longer needed, they should be eliminated. The trick is to responsibly take care of those workers who are displaced—and there is one party unwilling to do that.


I suppose another machine will be ordering a bag of McCrap at that drive up window once we successfully get rid of all those imperfect workers.

“The Jetsons” cartoons had a solution to this problem: everyone has a job pushing the same button over and over again all day long. Unfortunately, Spacely Sprockets, Inc. isn’t hiring.

Automation isn’t going to replace people in jobs like construction and restaurant workers any time soon, whether there’s a miniminum wage or not. Cities that have already passed minimum-wage ordinances significantly higher than the current federal standard haven’t been overrun by robots yet. Rubio is just making the same lame excuse for keeping more money in the pockets of the rich who don’t need it rather than paying it to workers who do need it to survive.

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