Discussion: Stewart Slams Dem 'Dumbasses' And GOP 'F**kery' Over Sex-Traffic Bill (VIDEO)

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Here’s the problem John.

The Republicans won the mid terms by explicitly refusing to talk about abortion.

I don’t know what else you do with an opponent that never wants to talk about abortion during the campaign, but then wants to enact all kinds of legislation once the election is over.

The only tactic that works to my mind, is to block anything to do with abortion until the Republicans actually CAMPAIGN on it.


Keep stroking that false equivalency, John.


Both sides!

Is Stewart considering a career at a cable news channel after The Daily Show? There’s always been a little bit of both-siderism in Stewart’s comedy, but lately he seems to have really upped the ratio.

Also, Jon? For future reference, a trolling vs. racism joke really doesn’t work that well when it consists of a white male employer asking a black female employee to agree with him, and she does. It might have worked if Williams disagreed, but, particularly in this context, it’s hard to tell if she agrees because she actually agrees, or because she wants to keep her job.


Yes, and it’s one of the reasons I’m becoming increasingly OK with his departure. Sometimes his attempts to blame “both sides” come across as almost desperate. One side wants to force rape victims to have their rapist’s child, the other side is trying to protect rape victims from being forced to have their rapist’s child.


Sorry Jonny, The Dems may have lost the last election round, but that doesn’t mean they have to give up all their possible advantage in the rules of the Senate and House. Have you been watching Congress these last years?


Guess the term, Lame Duck, applies to more than Presidents.

Stewart should follow President Obama’s lead and just kick ass until he’s out, this namby pamby routine looks really bad on him.