Discussion: Steve King: Obama Is Importing Millions Of 'Undocumented Democrats'

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If I spoke like this moron does about a co-worker, I’d be fired. Why do we allow our politicians to behave in such a depraved and ugly manner? I say fire all these irresponsible, ranting, rude, lying louts. Now.

Oh, and by the way Representative King? The President isn’t running for reelection. Dumbass.


Are these the same “Undocumented Democrats” that Hilary Clinton supposedly imported in 2000?


on the outside chance that this would actually be true would it be possible to request that they get placed in this xenophobic dumbass’s district so we might be rid of him?


Hillary is not my ideal candidate, and I am regularly disgusted by the conservadems in congress, but compared to the Republican candidates and the Republican members of Congress, Hillary is Hypatia, Madame Curie and Lise Meitner rolled into in one and congressional democrats are the Vulcan High Council, respectively.


Solution is simple. Send the INS to IOWA. Visit every single farm, food processing plant, hotel and restaurant. Let La Migra check for everyone’s papers. Send the illegal immigrants back to their home countries and let the legal Republicans fill all those job openings.


Naked Racism on display by the King of the Morons.
All you need for proof is the line about the “blacks supporting Pres. Johnson”.
To the shit-kickers out in the corn fields, pig farms, and empty churches, in the dying small towns who have never, EVER met a black person in their lonely, ignorant, cow-fucking lives, it makes perfect sense.
Those are after all, his constituents.
Since I was born and raised there, I know whereof I speak.


King preaching to the ever shrinking pool of ignorance known as the Republican base.


Maybe they’re the ones committing all that widespread voter fraud that we that we now have so many new Big Government laws to stop.


I wish the President would sue him for slander.


Mr King we do have video of your birth:


Can you imagine seeing a Republican working in a pork or beef slaughterhouse?
How these Republican politicians get away with lying outright about the number of immigrants coming in under Obama, (instead of under Bush, when there were millions more coming in); let’s just say that Republican politicians like King have no decency nor any respect for the truth. Obama has deported twice or three times as many undocumented immigrants than Bush ever did.


Which, nevertheless, controls both houses of Congress and a majority of state governorships and state legislatures, because this allegedly shrinking Republican base reliably votes in every election. If we non-ignorant, non-Republican base did the same, Representative King of Iowa would be a **non-**issue, and Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa would not be.

Our fate is not in our stars, but in our smug refusal to act upon the reality of politics that a majority of voters who actually cast ballots determine elections, not those with the best ideas.


King is now confusing Obama with ancestors of the Dixiecrats in his own party who imported slaves. Conservatives will turn anything around to fit their purposes even if it makes them look bad…and stupid.


This bigoted moron is a lying sack of excrement. The last thing anyone who is undocumented will do is register with any government agency, including as a voter, for fear of being exposed and deported.


“Rep. Steve King (R-IA) during a radio interview Thursday on “The John
Fredericks Show” accused President Obama of importing “undocumented
Democrats” and essentially buying votes.”

Rep. Steve King neends a copy of the Constitution:
OBAMA ISN"T RUNNING FOR OFFICE, Steve…check out the 22nd amendment…Sir.

The thick head is strong in this one.


I live around 50 miles north of the Mexican border and have voted and been a poll worker my polling place for 40+ years. In all of that time never once has there been an undocumented person who has tried to vote. There have been people who have forgotten their ID’s who then go home and retrieve them but due to my long residence in my neighborhood I know who lives here and who doesn’t. Not one time has a person who is here illegally tried to vote at my polling place.


Why even bother to read what this a$$wipe says? Just see his name and know what he will say —


Simply the worst, most miserable, excuse for a human being in Congress, bar none.


“They don’t understand the law,” King said. “They come from lawless countries so they’re not at all likely to defend our constitution or the rule of law.”

Indeed. Who knows… the offspring of immigrants might believe that power flows from the barrel of a gun and that guns provide the ultimate check on government tyranny.

With no clue about freedom of religion and civil rights and the rights of women and that votes are the ultimate check on government tyranny until shown otherwise.

And tell me, I gotta know, are these millions hiding out in Montana or what?