Discussion: Steve King: Nikki Haley Could Be 'Face' Of GOP Because 'She's Beautiful'

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I guess he has already checked her calves out.


And Steve King could be the GOP’s butt because, of course, he’s an asshole…


“I’m concerned that if anybody intimates that we have to allow for, essentially, the implication was unlimited immigration into America. We have to say no to some,"

Another right winger tutored by Sister Sarah.


Darling Nikki: “Steve King just called me a MILF. Ewwwwwwwwwww.”


Because a pretty face is so much more important than substance.

This just proves that Congresscritter King belongs to the “speak first – think later” school of oratory.


Steve King could be the asshole of the GOP because…oh, he already is. Never mind.

It reminds me of something Mark Twain said;
“Truth is stranger than fiction, fiction has to stick to possibilities, truth doesn’t”

I must be getting old, but most of my life a comment like this would get you ran out of town, now it’s news and striking back at the political correctness of the libtards. My what progress my country is making.

KIng is a pig.


Steve has thought a lot about Nikki’s melons, but they’re not her calves.


He is right about that because republi-thugs can see better than they can think!

You’re giving their thinking abilities too much credit.

I doubt he would have said much different if he had indeed thought first and spoken later.

She looks sincere and cheerful. That’s as far as I’ll go. This counter-SOTU has always been a twisted institution. Hard to see how she benefits from this.

But you would still make her sit in the back of the bus…

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Miss America is beautiful, too, and we get a new one every year. Perhaps the Republicans should just make Miss America the face of the Republican Party…

…because a pretty face would be a nice counterpoint to their horrible, poverty-inducing policies.

And nearly as Botoxed as Speaker Pelosi. Her eyebrows move while the corners of her eyes appear to be stuck.

Sorry Steve, ‘She’s Beautiful’ does not make a politician, does not matter at what level a dog catcher or a president…

Yeah, but she’s no Joni Ernst…

Steve King cannot help but display the idiotic shallowness of his thinking: we have to find some hot chicks to be the face of our party. Thank you Mr. King, it doesn’t get any more clear than that.