Discussion: Statue Of Liberty Protester Against Family Separations Gets Probation

“We have people in cages? What was I supposed to do?” she said.

Well said.


The Left tends to do these protests all wrong.

Had she sat up there with an AR-15, nobody would have come near her.

Had she brought a white buddy along with a second AR-15, they’d have left peacefully whenever they felt like it, with no bother from the cops.

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Actually, they both would have been shot down…

True. She just needs to stay out of protests due to the wrong complexion. If it was two white kids up there, they’d be fine.

“I’m not a criminal.” Sorry, Ma’am, but when you commit a criminal act, you are a criminal. That you may have done it for creditable reasons may affect your sentence, as it did here, but not your guilt.

(How would we feel if instead of her a protester had climbed up with signs for MAGA or QAnon?)

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Nope. If they had firearms, they’d be shot down. Cops are perfectly willing to shoot armed white people who break the law and pose a threat. The system breaks down when there are black people who may or may not be armed and may or may not have broken some law, but do not pose a present threat.

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Enjoy… First clip is about 3 minutes in…

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Hey, there are some competent cops out there.

(As I recall, in the year that Michael Brown was killed, an investigation by the NYT showed that more unarmed white people were killed by cops than unarmed black people. It might have been in proportion to population or raw numbers–I don’t remember.)

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The clear packing tape was a mistake.

I’d be fine. And probably forming a human shield line to keep the firefighters from putting up ladders to bring them down…

The cops would gotten her a Big Mac and fries in that scenario.

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“We have people in cages? What was I supposed to do?” she said. “I made my point. … Find your own conscience. Don’t look up to me.”

So well said in so few words.

And “rickety ladders”? Is this the quality of the equipment NY gives its “finest”? Puh-leeeze.

She should not have got probation at all!

The nearly four-hour demonstration forced an evacuation of 4,330 people from the statue grounds on one of its busiest days of the year.

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