Discussion: State Dept.: US Officials Are Meeting With North Koreans In DMZ

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We’ll see. It could be Lucys all the way down.


Who knows, if they can keep Trump, Bolton and some of those other goons from interfering maybe something good could come of all this. On the other hand, even if a deal were reached that benefited us and our alleys, either Trump or Bolton would almost certainly blow the whole thing up long before it was enacted, so it’s probably all for naught anyway. Oh well.


Just further proof that no one should take anything Trump says or tweets as true. He changes his mind more frequently than he changes his underwear (I presume.) It’s a fool’s errand trying to keep up with his flip-flops.



Pure farce. Or perhaps, we should ask the question: is this Kabuki enough? (Yes, I know that’s Japanese, but you get the point.)


Kim is surrounded by his enemies? Would that be Russia? Nope…Would that be China? Nope. I am gonna take a shot at this and say…he is not surrounded. He has a border with South Korea, that is a long long way from being surrounded.


Trump has repeatedly telegraphed that he’s desperate for a deal. He’ll offer all kinds of goodies, they’ll say OK fine we’ll phase out our nukes in—oh, let’s say 15 years. He’ll happily sign and come running home like Neville Chamberlain to announce the good news while they laugh up their sleeves. Thing is, it’s not really funny. They’re an honestly dangerous rogue country and we should have some sort of sensible policy to minimize that. But we won’t see it until our own regime changes.


If Dotard manages to pull this off, it will just be a new version of the 1974 Rumble in the Jumble with Ali and Foreman.

Only this time, the Rope-A-Dope will be KJU with the Rope and Donnie as the Dope…

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I don’t know if it’s as much farce as it is necessity and facing the facts. NK’s last nuke test rendered its test site unusable:

That doen’t mean they can’t build another although Kim’s stated they don’t need a test site or tests anymore as they’ve perfected the method. I don’t think either player, Kim or Trump, is on the up and up here. Kim’s got his back against the wall and Trump wants to take credit for for that solely for his ego. Up until now they’ve handled this standoff recklessly and irresponsibly. Nothing now sends a message that won’t continue.

This suggests to me that the State Department is ignoring Trump kind of like the rest of the world is ignoring Trump. Life, diplomacy, saving the planet, regional and worldwide trade deals, nuclear discussions and negotiations, … all the other stuff, must continue without the orange distraction.

Carry on, World. Carry on.


“I don’t know if it’s as much farce as it is necessity and facing the facts. NK’s last nuke test rendered its test site unusable:”

There is some question as to extent of damage…
From the excellent Cheryl Rofer at Balloon Juice…
“About Cheryl Rofer…
Retired chemist. I’ve done a lot of chemistry that has to do with policy, particularly nuclear policy.”

May 12…

"There has been speculation that the test site was damaged irreparably by North Korea’s last big test.

This is possible, but unlikely.In the past two weeks, buildings have been removed at the site. It is not clear whether international visitors will be allowed access to the tunnels.

The modifications that are being made to the site are probably to remove indications of the kinds of tests that were done and how the North Koreans obtained information from them. What might be learned if experts had access to the tunnels?"


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Trump has convinced his squeaky minions that any deal struck by PBO was not a good enough deal. This is an easy target, since all deals represent compromises.

He’s also avoided making and honoring international deals at all for this reason.

So, Trump has effectively poisoned the well on deal-making in general. Success is impossible.

Now, he’s faced with making an incredibly complex and important deal, on the biggest possible stage, for huge stakes, with no permissible parameters or tools or way to gauge what winning looks like.

God help us all.

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I don’t trust Kim, and I don’t trust Trump. But if, in the end, a peace price is to be awarded, it should to the North and South Korean leaders.

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