Discussion: Starbucks' Tone-Deaf #RaceTogether Campaign Is Not The Answer

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This article leaves un-addressed one of the most obvious, immediate questions: namely, how exactly is Starbucks planning to talk about race with its customers? There is reference to the campaign for “191,000 employees to talk about race relations with customers.” But then the author goes on to talk about written materials that will be distributed. Is this what the “conversation” amounts to? Or will Starbucks employees actually be asking their customers questions like “How often do you break bread with members of a different race?” I’m genuinely curious…

OK, never mind. I just found the other article on the subject that addresses my question directly. Carry on.

Of course, the Starbucks initiative is not the answer but it is one small and welcome step.

I rarely see any black male baristas at Starbucks. I’m more concerned with whether Starbucks engages in the common practice of weeding out resumes by zip code and “black-sounding” names. All I expect from Starbucks is a decent cup of coffee and to be treated with respect. I certainly don’t want to talk about race, which in America reduces to white people asking questions about our hair texture or behavior.

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