Discussion: Starbucks PR Chief Can't Handle 'The Conversation' On Race, Quits Twitter

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I guess the Tea Party was out in full force.

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Thin skinned much?

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Who needs the Onion? The PR dept wants their minimum wage employees to have conversations about race, but when people try to have conversations about race with the head of the PR dept…he deletes his twitter account because it was stressing him out to have conversations about race.

Simply priceless.


Until the P.R. guy can answer the question, What was Starbucks thinking, it’s best he hide away.

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Aren’t the lines at $tarbucks long and slow-moving enough? Must they be slowed so that a barista can engage in random conversation?

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And leave it to all of the Starbucks’ baristas to answer that question…


Tis a conversation that is desperately needed in this nation, but this is perhaps the least understandable route to having it I can imagine and clearly a target for ridicule…particularly from those who most needed to get involved, but who would be least likely to do so or to learn anything (Yeah I am talking YOU Missouri Lt. Governor).

When it is so bad that white parents object to schools marking Black History month, you know how badly we need to talk.
Bottom line, the ultimate tragedy is that as humans, race is an issue. Always has been, always will be. We all have an innate need it seems, to find someone we can be superior to, whether warranted or not.

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I was in a Starbucks on the E side of NYC yesterday and the only conversation after I ordered was about the code for the lock on the restroom. I guess they didn’t get the memo (thankfully).

“To be clear, Race Together isn’t about me, it’s about we,”

As far as I know, WE didn’t have the dumbass idea.



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This is almost as disasterous as the Teabaggers talking about rape

I agree and I honestly believe CEO Schultz believes that but this is not such a good idea even though I have on many occasions wished I could have talked about racism with certain people

Star$'s goes into damage control

The conversation on race is not about black people answering random questions about hair texture and soul food. It’s about white people talking to other white parents who don’t understand the purpose of black history month.



Hey, it may have been a dumb idea, but it was a dumb idea with the best of intentions. It is going to take something seriously counter-intuitive and frankly naive that the twitter-verse can get behind in order to get the conversation started.

And it certainly didn’t rate vilifying them for trying; that is just low-functioning stupidiity.

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