Discussion: Star NFL Quarterback Sparks Debate After Sitting Through National Anthem

He’s just another guy sympathizing with the underdogs in society.

Colin Kaepernick signed a 6 year, $114,000,000 contract with the San Francisco 49ers, including a $12,328,766 signing bonus, $61,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $19,000,000.

A black quarterback from a heavily LGBTQ city disrespecting the National Anthem?

Red meat for the Drumpfsters…

Everyone else? Meh…

Exercising his rights as a citizen, that’s all.


Both the NFL and the 49ers released statements recognizing the importance of the national anthem, but asserting that all players have the right to sit if they so choose.

I remember what the late Queen Mother once said about the national anthem being played before sporting events and horse races:

“It’s a bit like reciting the Lord’s Prayer whilst playing Canasta.”


Yeah, he makes a lot of money for all his hard work, but he’s still speaking out and trying to draw attention to the issue. I can respect that. Hopefully, he also puts is money to work on it too.

And I say this as a Pat’s fan, because…here comes the blasphemy…fuck Tom Brady for supporting Trump. Fuck him deep.


This would be a bigger deal if he was a better quarterback.


They burned his jersey? Really? How stupid is that.


Queen Victoria was always braced to close her eyes and think of England when Albert approached with a smile on his face.


I post alot on here and played HS Football and am a NFL fan. Colin Kaepernick needs to stop doing ths antic and learn how to read a NFL defense. He sucks and the 49ers would love to just dump him and his huge over paid NFL contract.

Colin needs to become good at his profession. The fact he thinks this kinda protest is making a good politico statement shows why he sucks as a NFL QB.

If the usual suspects didn’t lose it every time a citizen asserted their constitutional rights we might be better off.


With nine children, the poor old girl must have been Blinded By The Fright!


What does one thing have to do with the other? The answer is NOTHING.


nowarino I get your point. But Colin Kaepernick is not the brightest bulb. His NFL career is going down the chitter. He had success running that read option offense from a few years ago. NFL defenses figured it out and now Colin cannot read NFL defenses. He could put a patch on his uniform protesting and donating money. But sitting down while the anthem is played. A flag that men have fought and died for in wars. That’s just not thinking this out. It’s not the best way to protest.

I support what the black lives protestor’s are protesting, But I still have issues with how they protest. Is black lives matter’s going to show up once again at the American Mall on Xmas eve and screw up all the shopper’s plans once again?

Many fans of the team were also unsupportive, taking to social media to air their grievances and some even going as far as burning jerseys with Kaepernick’s name on them.

Something tells me the message Mr. Kaepernick is sending went right over your damned hoods.


So you think sitting down while the National Anthem is being played is a great way to protest social injustice in America? Personally I wish they wouldn’t play the anthem at sporting events at all. That flag represents people who have spilled blood for their country over the years.

Please don’t give me this Colin Kaepernick’s standing up for something BS. First he needs to learn how to stop sucking as a QB. Concentrate on that!!! He is way overpaid not even starting. He wouldn’t take a pay cut so the 49ers could dump his azz. Mr social justice doesn’t mind being over paid and not working to play up to his contract.

It goes beyond that. The usual suspects latch on to cheap, simpleminded “patriotism” - honoring the flag, standing during the national anthem, worrying about who’s not wearing a flag lapel pin. Meanwhile, they support a candidate whose stated positions fly in the face of the fundamental values that have made the U.S. a great nation. The disconnect is stunning.


Sad attempt at spotlight-grabbing, really.

Now when he gets benched, traded or otherwise sat down, he can bitch that it’s because he stood up for BLM or punishment for him exercising his 1A rights. Also:

If you think about it, as sad as it is, it makes sense. Supermodel trophy wife – check. The whole world hates him outside of his home city and a few misanthropes – check. Wildly successful, at least at first glance – check. Psychopathic spokesman that wouldn’t abandon him for all of the tea in China (Roger Stone vs. Bill B) – check.

OK, maybe I made a little stretch on the last one. A little. :wink:

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Yes, our constitutional right to protest still has to meet the tjirish44 test to be acceptable.

That’s in a Supreme Court ruling, right?


I totally agree – and I, for one always stand when in these situations, not because I have to but because I want to.

That said, if Kaepernick wants to not stand–for whatever his stated reason–that’s on him. I am not at all against people having their say because that is also their right. Burning his jersey, though, comes off as cross burning (at least that’s what the pic looks like). I don’t know if that was the message the pyro person intended, but that’s the message I got. To me, that’s much much worse than dude sitting down during the National Anthem. That’s just my take on it.

ETA: Plus, I agree with his message.


The kid’s got a great look and a great name…should have gone into the movies.