Discussion: St. Louis Post-Dispatch Op-Ed Editor Defends Decision To Drop George Will (VIDEO)

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Because Will is as obnoxious as he is which gave him the freedom to write such an offensive article, he probably didn’t have a clue as to why he was dropped. Tony Messenger lays it out, but that won’t change Will’s opinions on a subject that he should not be writing about in the first place. He’ll continue to discuss them but only in quiet rooms.


“it reinforced our previous decision that he had lost a little bit of speed off his fastball”

What a kind way to call Will irrelevant.


Not sure why anyone should listen to a 73 year old man vain enough
to wear a blonde wig.


Pareene on Will:

When George Will isn’t being dishonest, he’s usually being wrong. He lies about climate change. He claims that anti-voter suppression efforts are actually about mandatory voting, something few liberals and no elected Democratic leaders support. George Will decided that college football is “liberal” because he doesn’t like football and he doesn’t like liberal things, so things he doesn’t like must be liberal. George Will said that if Obama won it would be because he was lucky enough to be black, and Americans didn’t want to look racist by voting against him. That was another entry in his long history of worrying that America was being too nice to black people. Will also predicted Romney would win 321 electoral votes and that Minnesota’s marriage amendment would swing the state Republican.

Here’s the full article: http://www.salon.com/2012/12/20/hack_list_no_2_the_washington_post/


Good for them, time for Mr Will to retire and just worry about keeping the neighborhood kids off his lawn.


That one statement is what all of this is about.

Will has been in decline for some time. Getting booted from his long time chair at ABC and having to go spend time on Fox is a big indicator of that. I suspect he wrote the piece precisely to create a controversy and get some attention.

Without a doubt, this has to be his most read column in years as a result of this controversy.


They don’t have to “defend” anything.

George Will is free to write, and others have the freedom to reject his words.


George Will: The new Lou Dobbs


It’s almost like G Will and his Wapo Bros can clearly see their own righteousness and their right to their opinions but are against anyone else having a differing POV or disagreeing with them? Does the all men’s club expect complete allegiance?

The epitome of tired, outdated, antiquated and privileged is Will and the Wapo’s. The arc of equality bends away from them.

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Instead of asking Tony Messenger to defend his decision to ditch George Will, why aren’t we asking all the editors who published that column to defend THEIR decision?


“…lost a little speed off his fastball.” More like, “added too much break to his screwball.”


the paper was criticized by some for stifling certain viewpoints.

Who? Some rightwing pieces of shit?


Ah, the infamous RWPOS’s, rat-dwellers of the Republican Fire Swamp…


The only way to hurt Will is for news outlets to drop his columns. Despite all the pontificating about stimulating debate and free discussion, news outlets are businesses and look out for the bottom line. If a so called journalist - Will stopped being one years ago- alienates more readers, viewers, or listeners than they bring in, a news organization will, normally, cut them loose. Will is preaching to a shrinking demographic (aggrieved white men, preferably financially well off). He is fortunate in that he is so entrenched that the Washington Post will NEVER fire him, and Fox will always have a spot for him.


So according to the Reich-Wingers: George Will has “Free Speech” rights, but the newspaper that PAYS HIM has no rights to drop him from a “COMMERCIAL CONTRACT” that he clearly can be dropped from (what ever happened to the “sanctity of a Contract”?) What about the Corporation’s (Newspaper) rights?
Once again, according to the Reich-Wingers:
“Freedom for ME, but not for THEE”


Georgie got fired? awww, poor boy! Perhaps this might make him think before writing trash. Then again…

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In my opinion George Will should stick to his commentary on baseball. He considers himself the world expert on that sport. Of course Keith Olbermann would be laying in wait for him…


Send him to Baghad …

Be sure to issue the warning to duck if somebody yells…


And lest the knuckledraggers forget, the 1st Amendment protects our speech against GOVERNMENT suppression, WE can do whatever WE want with OUR newspapers and publishing vehicles.

A newspaper dropping Will’s column is also SPEECH and their action is protected by the CONSTITUTION under, you guessed it, the 1st Amendment.