Discussion: 'Spitting In The Eye Of Transparency': Just 22 Mar-A-Lago Visitors Revealed

Remember during the infernal white water investigations when scouring the WH visitor logs was common? This is not an unusual request, given Trump used this as his self-touted “Winter White House” - oh, and emoluments. This response is highly unusual - but in this corruptocracy it isn’t surprising.

WH and DOJ version: Go F*ck Yourselves!


And it was John Miller all 22 times…


On a happier note:

Disaffected supporters of US President Donald Trump have posted social media videos of themselves burning his “Make America Great Again” (Maga) hats.
It comes after news the president was working with Democrats toward a deal to protect some young undocumented immigrants in the US.

Unfortunately, the hats were not on the Trump supporters’ heads at the time.


Too much risk of grease fires?


Too much risk that it will be misinterpreted as rolling coal.


Someone tell POTUS that Irma doesn’t count.

Nothing in the Trump administration is scarier right now than the DOJ under Jeffery Beauregard Sessions III - even the EPA does not come close to this total perversion of democratic ideals.

His friend Jim (who likes Paris… until he stopped) might have been with John - its so easy to confuse them.

“The remaining records that the Secret Service has processed in response to the Mar-a-Lago request contain, reflect, or otherwise relate to the President’s schedules,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad Readler and Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York wrote. “The government believes that Presidential schedule information is not subject to FOIA.”

Shouldn’t the President’s schedule be public information to begin with? Or is the identity of his golfing and TV watching buddies somehow classified, along with how much time he spends at each?

The president’s schedule is classified before and during the time it happens, for fairly obvious reasons. But typically it becomes declassified as soon as there are no security reasons for keeping it secret.

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Trump doesn’t want his meetings with members of the gutter press publicized. Remember when Scaramucci melted down after Hannity’s attendance at a secret White House dinner was leaked?

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