Discussion: Special Master Rejects One-Third Of Michael Cohen’s Latest Privilege Claims

It is hard to judge whether this is good or bad for Cohen. You have to look at t he specific items released to the DOJ.


I wonder if they tried to designate those docs as privileged before or after he started making cooperation noises. Might be interested my to know the timeline.

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Curious if any seized recordings fall under privileged

Lordy, I hope there are tapes


I still don’t get the ‘highly personal’ bit. They’re not allowed to see his love notes?

“Dear diary, today I totally colluded with Mr. Trump to steal the election. He’s the dreamiest!” *

It helps to picture the hearts over all the i’s.


“the other 2,633 were either fully or partially privileged“

“Partially”? Seems that a bunch more evidence will emerge from this batch as well.


It’s worth bearing in mind that what’s often referred to for short as “attorney-client privilege” is actually ONLY the client’s privilege (or clients’ privilege, as it appears Cohen might have had more than 1 up to maybe a handful).

So, it’s the attorney’s OBLIGATION in this kind situation to do all the attorney can, legally, to protect the client’s privilege. That could include, quite understandably, a fairly aggressive position being asserted by the attorney, particularly if the attorney’s practice is unusually peripatetic and, uh, unconventionally structured.


For any properly ruled as “privileged”, it’s still possible for one or more of a very few exceptions to the general rule to apply, but we really don’t know enough to even bother holding a collective figurative breath at this point.

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That’s still a lot more privileged than I had expected. I wonder what the timeframe of that production was, if they are more recent documents then I could see him talking to lawyers about his exposure based on what was going on in the Mueller investigation prior to the raid.

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So is this just further reducing the very small pool of documents that got tagged as privileged in the big cull, or is this something different?

I don’t know what to make of it either. That means two-thirds of Cohen’s requests are approved. Not to be overly optimistic, but that may help the prosecution if or when Cohen appeals any convictions, although that may be off the table after all is said and done. Mueller’s team probably has all the goods they need.

About ten days ago they released over 884,000 documents. After that release, they had over 2 million of Cohen’s documents to go over. Seems a bit strange that no indictment has surfaced yet. I realize it takes time to go through these things, but I can guarantee that if they raided my house and took that much evidence of supposed crimes back on April 9th, I’d be sitting in jail or at least indicted by now.
Over a month ago, some were saying an arrest was going to happen on the 13th of June or very soon after that. I am starting to get a feeling this sideshow will keep dragging on for many more months. While we are thinking the whole administration in in chaos, a methodical destruction of much of what we hold dear is going on behind the curtain.

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This just came out. LOL

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The release 10 days ago was from the special master to the court, meaning prosecutors were not allowed access to them until then. Ten days is 88,400 a day.

Don’t get ahead of the game.

Having said that, I suspect that the prosecutors know what they’re looking for, which will make it easier to find.

Bet there are real crimes in the ones deemed privileged as well.

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Any cooperation he gives them will help his case. He f**ked right now.