Discussion: <span class="s1">Unarmed Teacher Tackles School Shooter In Washington State

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So much for the good guy needing a gun to stop the bad guy with one…


Cue the teacher haters!


In such a situation, you don’t need “a good guy with a gun,” you need a good person with some guts.


I can’t wait to hear the NRA response to this.


And do you know who I blame for this? The teachers’ unions.


Really nice to have one of these end with no deaths or bad injuries.

Thank you, teachers and staff of North Thurston High. May everyone get through this without lasting trauma.


Welll…and Obama, too.

That’s what I call a devoted teacher!!!

It’s the same response, every day from the NRA: We blame Obama

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Too bad he didn’t work in Wisconsin–then he could have been the subject of attacks from the governor

Look at his statement–ENTIRELY classy, self effacing, he credits others, no glory hounding–this is what heroism looks like.


The teacher did it all wrong. Here’s how it’s supposed to be done, per the NRA:

  1. Teacher hears a shot.
  2. Teacher warns everyone around them to duck.
  3. Teacher pulls out a concealed weapon.
  4. Teacher fires a single shot, hits the perp between the eyes and watches him drop.
  5. Teacher delivers a clever one-liner.
  6. Teacher has sex with the nearest female teacher, who just happens to be smoking hot.

THIS trajeGEDy couLD havE beeN AVerted IF the TEacher HAD a GUn!!!1!!one!1!!!


The whole thing would be a non issue, if students older than 16 were allowed to open carry, after all we already trust them with automotive vehicles which cause thousands of deaths every year.

Having an armed student population will discourage crackpots and criminals, and will have the side effect of ridding the school of bullies. There might be some grade inflation , but grades are meaningless in the long run.

Olson said he was happy everyone was safe and praised school staff and police.
“I’m incredibly proud to be a member of the bigger community of educators
who teach and take care of our kids every day,” he said.

Elsewhere, Wayne LaPierre was quoted mumbling
with teeth clenched-- under his breath.


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Schools are no place for weapons. Looks like that school might want to invest in metal detectors. Kudos to that teacher!

Have you ever seen a car in a classroom?

Exactly the thinking of the Arizona state Legislature which very narrowly defeated a bill which woul have allowed for arming students and teachers. The result potentially would be a circular firing squad. Schools are no place for weapons.

Die Hard - The Redundancy?

Damn unarmed thugs taking down good guys with guns…wait…um…good guys with guns take down unarmed teachers…ah no…how does this fit our pro-gun narrative again?