Discussion: <span class="s1">Sheriff Joe Arpaio Admits Hiring PI To Investigate Wife Of Federal Judge

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This man has been sniffing the glue of Oath Keepers too often. He’s now gone beyond the duties of sheriff and has started his own conformity agency. Hiring a private detective to sniff out any wrongdoing of a Federal District Court judge’s wife he’s stepped over the line and is acting in direct contradiction to his sworn duties. When is someone going to step up and get this man out of office?


“Asked whether defying the order meant he violated his oath of office, Arpaio said, “I did not intend to violate my oath.””, This is no defense. He either violated it or not.


TPM / Josh, I have a minor editing suggestion:

In paragraph 8, which begins with The self-proclaimed "America’s Toughest Sheriff …, the phrase self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” should probably be changed, for the sake of accuracy, to self-evidently corrupt right-wing bigot.


Arpaio seems to be taking the historical role of the Sheriff too seriously… the Sheriff of Nottingham was supposed to be a fictional characture, not a role model for modern-day law enforcement.


You know, this crazy batshit has got to backfire sometime. How many of these far-right “heroes” have to be proven dangerous lunatics before some of that stank rubs off on, say, Fox News? You know, the organization that made these people famous in the first place?! Grrr…

Let me wildly change the subject for a second - every stereotype about Canada is kinda BS. We are rude, (hell, I’m rude) pushy, and we have a lunatic far right fringe. We are not really all that different from you - but up until a few years ago (our current PM is satan, sweater-vest satan), we had laws and regulations that basically mandated you told the truth on the news. That’s why, no offense intended, I think we’re Canadians and you’re Americans hahaha. Its not that we don’t have crazy people, its that they mostly don’t become Sheriff… or get elected to Parliament.

The FCC could probably do more for your country than any lawmaker - and the argument, that you need to tell the truth on the news, is not a difficult one to make to the public. Doooooo it.


“I did not intend to violate my oath.”

But hey, these things happen. Just like not knowingly injecting PEDs into your body.


“I should have known more about court orders that slipped through the cracks” … wow … not only disingenuous but then there’s the little fact about putting private investigators on the judge’s wife. I hope to God that Arpio’s life flashed before his eyes when the judge asked him that question. Sadly, given the ethics and moral courage that the man has shown in the past, I truly doubt that he realizes just how repugnant he, his views and his behavior have become.

Court orders don’t slip through cracks on their own.


I hope they throw the book at this lying sack of shit. He needs to be taken down off his lofty self-appointed perch once and for all. He has no business in law enforcement. Period.


The incredible arrogance not to mention self-righteousness these right wingers constantly have on display is beyond belief.

I can never get over how they think they are right, no one else comes close and just sit down and shut up - you lesser mortal.

I so hope this scum bag gets what’s coming to him.


Love him or hate him, this guy doesn’t give a fuck what anyone says or thinks about him. He just continues to be the biggest asshole on the planet and proud of it


But nothing ever seems to stick. He’s been in trouble for something as long as I have been aware of him and that’s a long long time


This guy targets anyone who opposes him; the sheer numbers and the obvious abuse of authority are just amazing. I can’t explain how he’s done it so outrageously for so long except by having sold his soul, and I wouldn’t dismiss that possibility lightly. I’d love love love to see them haul his octogenarian ass off to jail.


You probably haven’t heard but the FCC positions are held by political appointees from either of the two parties in this country. They are often ex-lobbyists and old corporate muckety-mucks in the telecommunications and entertainment industry. Seriously, they’d want no regulation if they could get away with it, except to protect the corporate profits for the industries, from which most of them hail.

The only reason they recently voted in favor of net neutrality is because people rose up to demand it in large numbers and the President was in support of it, and there are now 3 Ds to 2 Rs on the commission. And one of Obama’s appointees almost balked, even at that.

In most cases they willingly go along approving monopolistic mergers that have only served to fatten the bank accounts of a small but hugely entitled 6 main corporate companies, which are now allowed to umbrella book publishers, TV, cable and satellite transmission, newspaper ownership and radio broadcasts in greater percentages than ever in our history. Those 6 companies practically and for all intents and purposes, own the biggest share of information now to the public. The internet is the only thing they haven’t been able to buy up wholesale. Someday even that will probably go to the largest bidder. Until then, enjoy surfing the open internet…because it seems to be the last vestige of our free society without corporate control or the means to be co-opted in its current form.


Do they ever get elected mayor of a largish city? Just wondering. HA HA HA I kid because I love.


It’s also not an answer. Does anyone think that a black defendant would be allowed to get away with this crap?


From what I have read it looks like Arpaio has finally crashed. His deputies are testifying against him, making it clear he “intentionally” ignored the courts order. He could end up in criminal court because of that. Two of his three attorneys have quit. Another drip, drip, drip in the ongoing implosion of all things conservative.


So, did public funds pay for the private investigator to investigate the judge’s wife? Because that’s a crime.

Given the testimony and the Sheriff’s admissions, I can’t see how he avoids a charge of criminal contempt? He’s admitted to intentionally violating a court order.

I think Joe is screwed.



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But not a federal jail, I’d like him to do some time in his own tent city in August, during a heat wave, and I’d like him to try to subsist on two, meat-free meals a day as he sits in his pink underwear and pink clothes and listens to Rushbo talk about criminals. I want him to suffer the exact same miserable fate he’s foisted on his inmates.