Discussion: Southwest Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Philadelphia

This will soon make it into the joke list of the SWA flight attendants’ preflight spiel. (“That C on your boarding pass stands for ‘Center Seat’ so take the next one you see.” “Your seat cushion is also a floatation device: kick paddle, kick paddle all the way to shore.”)


the tarmac covered on foam from fire crews.

I’ve been seeing this more—people so barely literate they don’t know which preposition to use with which verb. Just appalling.


Flying over the western tier of NY state and turning left to make an emergency landing at PHL?

Western Tier of New York? If you count the west side of Manhattan I guess

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Yikes, looks like uncontained engine failure.


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They were over PA and didn’t even get as far as Harrisburg. Glad everyone’s OK.

ETA looks like a serious injury. Damn. Scary. Why didn’t Trump keep it from happening?

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Obama’s fault…


I think it’s kind of remarkable that a wheels-down emergency landing with no apparent fatalities rates is national news. The strides the NTSB, FAA, manufacturers, and airlines have made in the last few decades are truly profound. Presuming the alleged injured make it, I think we’re going on a decade of fatality-free carriage by all US flag carriers on domestic routes.

Crash a Greyhound and you’ll barely make the local papers.


YIKES! Woman partially pulled out of the broken window. Had to be pulled back into the plane by other passengers.

That’s probably good for her chances - the alternative is getting hit by a thrown turbine blade.

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There seems to be a lot of early-on confusion about what exactly happened to her and whether she’s even alive or dead. Not that routine of a problem, at any rate. :grimacing:

Pic of the engine. Yikes!

Someone was able to take a photo right before the window broke:


One look at the picture of the engine in @silas1898 's comment above and my mind immediately flashed to that episode. I’d totally forgotten the gremlin’s uncanny resemblance to Trumpp, however.


That’s the kind of thing that really worries pilots…having the engine throw debris can mean all kinds of other damage to the wing, fuselage, tail, and there’s no way to know until you try to use something critical for landing (like the flaps) and have the plane react badly (like roll over). Those planes can do everything on one engine, so losing one engine is still safe as long as you get down quickly and nothing else happens. Odds are the passenger was hit by debris and then pulled into the window…the windows aren’t large enough to pull you through (unless you’re really small), but it sounds like something went out, and she would have hit her head on the window frame pretty hard when the window blew out. Hopefully she’s ok, but it’s a pretty energetic event so she’s likely hurt really bad…we’ll hear soon.

Flying is still incredibly safe in the US though, get on a plane and you’re going to be fine. Just keep your seat belt on in case something does happen.

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And, if you listen to the ATC recording, the pilot sounds pretty composed, considering that she just lost an engine in what would have been a pretty big bang. That’s what you want in a situation like that.

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In case anyone is as nerdy and nosey as I am, here’s the link for the recording of the Air Traffic Control-Southwest 1380 chatter combined, i.e. time compressed. Click on the “Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14th”(sic) link and start at the 3:00 mark.


It never ceases to amaze me how calm commercial pilots stay in the face of potential disaster. Training, you know. Hell, ATC sounds more nervous — and he’s safely on the ground in an ergonomic chair!

The professionalism and coordination is pretty damn astounding, IMHO.

ETA The person who died may’ve been sucked (at least partially) out the window.

Pilot: “There’s a hole and someone went out.” (6:17)