Discussion: SOTU Crowd Sings 'Happy Birthday' To Holocaust And Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Survivor

Whose guest is she?

Even in a spontaneous outburst of joyous recognition of a Holocaust survivor, Shitgibbon still has to make it about him…he can’t help himself.
“They wouldn’t do that for Me, Judah”
I have no words at my disposal to depict that level of Assholery…


That business with the holocaust survivor and the soldier was truly a touching moment! I loved how gently solicitous the holocaust survivor was of the comfort of the soldier who was with the liberating forces. The soldier obviously had some physical/balance issues that made it difficult to stand and then sit back down. But with the help of the holocaust survivor, he did so over and over again. It really got to me. Do we live in a great country or what?

And yes, I think a blind horse’s ass can find a truffle once in awhile.

It’s not for me to judge, but I have to say I don’t understand why a Holocaust survivor would consent to be a guest of Trump after all of the veiled anti-semitic, and not so veiled pro-fascist, rhetoric he has engaged in over the past few years.

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A self-centered narcissist who can’t even honor a Holocaust survivor without making it about himself.

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By the way, given how frequently Trump lies, I hope someone did a fact check on whether or not it really was Samet’s birthday.

Yeah, there’s a good reason they wouldn’t, but he’ll never understand it.

And, to top it all off, not only does he fail to join in with the singers, he pretends to be leading them.

My thought exactly.

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