Discussion: Some US Diplomats Ordered Out Of Venezuela Amid Political Crisis

Ven-Ghazi! Ven-Ghazi!

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Jan. 25, China announced its support for Venezuela, allying with Russia in this regard. Both countries have made significant infrastructure investments in Venezuela and will protect their interests, as they state in these 2 articles published Jan. 25:


I believe this may provide the backstop to the invasion of Venezuela by the USA, now supported by that cutie fascist toy-boy “leading” Canada, and many of the other weak and cowardly fascist supporters of the USA.

Maduro is going to win this one, the military is solidly behind the regime. Since Chavez took over the number of generals have gone from 50 to over 2000. They get to run a number of state enterprises and ministries. Something to keep in mind when someone talks about “Rebuilding and Keeping a Strong Military”.

Either way Trump out to check with Vlad before sending the Marines, otherwise Maduro might hang in longer than Trump.

Maybe Pelosi should pay attention here. If she were to follow her Venezuelan counterparts lead and declare herself President most of the NATO countries would declare their support I am sure. Our Military may be split, but who knows.

Besides the U.S., Canada, much of Latin America and many countries in Europe threw their support behind Guaido.

…Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Turkey have voiced their backing for Maduro’s government.

It’s heartwarming to see so many countries concerned about the fate of Venezuela. The petroleum people of Venezuela must be feeling great joy from this massive wave of love.