Discussion: Some GOPers Warn Trump Ending Key O'care Subsidies Will Hurt Constituents

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That pained, grimacing woman in the background is Washington’s 5th CD Rep, Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She’s looking pained because voting 56 times to overturn Obamacare didn’t work- poor people are STILL are getting help!

Looking grim and pained is about the only thing she does for us. As #4 in the House ‘leadership’ it is her job to hurt poor citizens. She STILL calls Trump a ‘positive disruptor’. Sigh…

Run for office, folks- these dinosaurs need to be shown the door.


"Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), a moderate Republican who is retiring at the end of his term, said on CNN that President Donald Trump’s move was ‘ill-advised’…

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), another Republican retiring at the end of her term, also warned that Trump’s decision to cut off CSR payments could hurt her constituents…

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) [whose term doesn’t end until 2021] said Friday morning in a speech that she was ‘concerned’…

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval [who is term limited from running again] also warned Friday that cutting off the payments will be ‘devastating’…"

“A Brave Republican”: One not facing re-election.


You can count the shits Republicans give on less than one hand.


If financially-struggling families and Americans with preexisting conditions have access to affordable preventative and chronic illness health care … then the terrorists have won!


Survivors in the lifeboats clucking that somebody really should have restrained the captain when he started screaming about strawberries and steering the ship toward the breakers.


“Concerned”…hahaha concern troll Collins strikes again…


The only thing more predictable than Collins’ “concern” is Miz Lindsay’s “alarm.”


“Some GOPers Warn Trump Ending Key O’care Subsidies Will Hurt Constituents.”

Trump does not care–He wants a “Win.” :rage:


this is a feature not a bug, right Repubes? According to you guys health care is a privilege not a right, so if you are not lucky enough to have won the birth right lottery and are filthy rich as a result, then go suck a lemon for your health care

the Repube model is that healthcare is for those who can afford it, the rest of us should have the good sense and compassion for our betters, and just go die under trees when the wealthy are done with us


Welcome to DontCare:

  • pre-existing condition? DontCare
  • higher premiums? DontCare
  • junk policies? DontCare

I don’t want to hear one more of these “warnings” from GOP folks who NOW (with no election on the horizon) decide to stand for something. It’s TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. (Sorry for the caps, but the devastation caused by Trump in the past two days has left me distraught.)


Is the president interested in continuing what he sees as corporate welfare and bailouts for the insurance companies? No.”

No because those payments help the little guy but we’ll be sure to continue and even increase those payments to the largest corporations in the nation, Oil Companies…


Florida has more people covered under exchanges than any other non-Medicaid expansion state, and nearly 300,00 people alone in the three South Florida congressional districts held by Republicans, including Ros-Lehtinen. You will notice that the other two Republicans from South Florida who are running again were conspicuously silent. All three have seats that are pick up opportunities for Dems.


“The president has said pretty clearly that he’s willing to talk to just about anybody about repealing and replacing [Obamacare],” Mulvaney added, per Politico. “But if the straight-up question is: Is the president interested in continuing what he sees as corporate welfare and bailouts for the insurance companies? No.”

Wow, it really does seem like they are trying to force a single payer discussion. Although “bailouts” is inaccurate, “welfare” is a reasonable description actually. Why should the federal government give private corporations money to do what it could do itself cheaper and more effectively? Bring it.

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Right before open enrollment and thirteen months before the next midterm. That’s just the kind of timing we’ve come to expect from Combover Caligula. There’s no point doing a stupid thing if you can’t do it at the stupidest possible time in the stupidest possible way.


Note to famous and prominent Democrats: We have to start identifying the Republican President as he is: the Republican President. Not ‘Trump.’ Not “President Trump.” “The Republican President.”

Also, when the Republican president does something, it’s the Republicans who are doing it. “The Republicans turn their back on Puerto Rico.” “Why are Republicans risking nuclear war?” “Why are Republicans sabotaging the ACA?”

We have elections taking place this month and in 2018. Please begin to brand the Republican Party accurately.


Come on now you gotta have faith! Next thing you’ll claim is that cutting taxes will raise the debt!

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"It’s going to hurt people. It’s going to hurt kids. It’s going to hurt families. It’s going to hurt individuals. It’s going to hurt people with mental health issues. It’s going to hurt veterans. It’s going to hurt everybody.”

And when that escalating rhetoric came to its climax, so did Chiselin’ Trump.

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Or, DonTCare.