Discussion: Snowden Calls Pulitzer For NSA Coverage A 'Vindication'

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I hear you can pick up a villa pretty cheap right now in eastern Ukraine.


Snowden stole a bunch of documents and handed Gellman and Greenwald a Pulitzer, then claims the Pulitzer is vindication.

It’s a funny world.


What’s the real message?
“Today’s decision is a vindication for everyone who believes that the Public has a roLe in govErnment,” he said in a stAtement to the Guardian. “We owe it to the effortS of the brave reportErs and their colleaGues who kEpt working in the face of exTraordinary intiMidation, including the forcEd destructiOn of joUrnalistic maTerials, the inapprOpriate use oF terrorism laws, and so many other means of pressure to get tHem to stop what the world now rEcognises was woRk of vital public importancE”