Discussion: Shutdown Fever Abates: Must-Pass Spending Bill Closer To Getting Done

That selfie pic with the article is the best!

The Party of No actually kinda, sorta doing their elected jobs?

Only one possible answer…

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Ted Cruz is involved in more holdups than Bonnie and Clyde.

He ought to walk around with a bandanna over his lower face.

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Judging by the look on McConnell’s face, he’s stepping a little lighter after the daily enemas he had during the recess. Cruz could certainly benefit from colonic irrigation, too, but he pissed off the EPA and they won’t give him a permit. Where is Cornyn in that photo? Still in the Chamber?

Rafael must stop this at all costs.


Fever abates? Uh huh.

The finish line is almost in sight. Fever is the only thing they have going, and they are tickled pink with the polls. They certainly don’t want the fever to break prematurely, or they might have to answer for their delirium.

If we were not stuck here, I would do everything possible to see a Trump victory happen. Excuse me, I think I am going to be ill.

"House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) who is dealing with some discontent in his own conference over the three-month stop gap funding bill, "

That’s kind of an important detail to only make a passing reference to in the last paragraph.

The, ‘No Show-Do Nothing-Procrastination Party’.