Discussion: Shouting Match Erupts In Alabama Senate Over Restrictive Abortion Bill Vote

It’s Alabama. 'Nuff said.


I wonder what the issues were. We know that they all want to restrict the right to choice. We also know that these defenses are expensive. Restrictionist states spend millions on these quixotic and useless attempts to scale RvW back.


Are most Republican men rapists at heart? It’s a fair question to ask, I think.


I thought Singleton’s reaction here was both appropriate and impressive. Its clear that he cares.


The issue is how cruel, misogynistic and unfeeling to be.


This is the kind of thing that makes brings Alabama’s state motto into question. (“Thank God for Mississippi”)


They wanted to remove except in the case of rape or insest from the bill without a vote. Singleton wants them to be on the record for removing that exclusion.


Mississippi: “Hey, can ya hep a sistah out?”

Alabama: “Hold ma beer!”


Alabama is ensuring it remains an ignorant backwater filled with Bible thumping idiots and meth addicts.


We know they sure don’t care to spend the money on schools.


The issue is really simple. About 3500 years ago the Levites introduced a male God in the middle east, and in the process ran women priests out of the temple. They called them prostitutes and claimed that women priests were part of the oldest profession. The Levites were very successful. Women became second class in the eyes of society. They were the bringers of sin. Since the Levite revolution, women have not been allowed control of very much including their own bodies. Men have been in charge. A lot of men, and surprisingly not a few women, still believe in the old ways. For them a woman is just a sort of smarter domestic animal, not fully human.

I attended the funeral of a 91 year old woman yesterday, a strong, opinionated woman I knew quite well. Her funeral was conducted by a couple of modern descendants of the Levites (the heirs of the Levites include a lot of Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders) proponents of male domination. According to them the woman’s life really ended in 2008 when her husband died. After that all she had were her memories. The service was more a celebration of the life of her husband than anything else.

People who believe that women are not fully human, and it is God’s will that they be subservient to men, be they Christians, Jews or Muslims, are capable of imposing the worst restrictions on women’s reproductive rights. Hell they consider the right of women to vote to be something of a great advance in their thinking.


Worth noting that women only make up 15.7% of the Alabama legislature. I would like to think that a more representative legislature would make a difference.

Data from National Council of State Legislatures


“the people have a right to know how we vote.”

Which is a valid an d interesting point and illustrates another reason I’m a MA progressive who is not a registered Dem: the motherfuckers here made rules so that their votes AREN’T TRACKED AND RECORDED. Literally. Almost all the time, you can’t find out how your asshole voted on something. Granted, it’s overwhelmingly Dem and they vote overwhelmingly together on things, but still, it’s a fucking slap in the face.


“the people have a right to know how we vote."

And there the GOP goes again, trying to make off with more rights in the middle of the night. They do this whenever they know the shit they’re trying to pull would be insanely unpopular with all right-thinking Americans.


Arkansas: “That’s all you got?”


The article in WaPo also said "Under the Alabama legislation, doctors would not be able to perform abortions once a fetus is ‘in utero’.” I haven’t seen the actual language in the bill but the Merck Manual says terminology changes from embryo to fetus after the 8th week. Not as bad as the idiotic 6 week heartbeat bills but still a far shorter period than the second trimester standard in Roe or the 24 week viability standard of Casey.


Between this and Ohio, women in this nation should be receiving a wake up call on what it would be like if Republicans were able to take over completely. No more abortions, even in cases of a threat to the mother’s life, no more birth control, no vote, no more work outside the home, servitude to a husband, and a lack of independence for women who aren’t married. It really is what they want, to control women completely and force them to submit to the men…it’s like an incel’s wet dream, but pushed on us by a Republican government.

If women in the nation don’t look at this and reject the Republican party outright, they are going to be placed in a situation where they won’t be able to do anything ever again.


To the Republican Rapists Party “The Handmaidens Tale” is an instruction manual.


This is gonna end up in the SCOTUS. Yeah. Stay home in November 2020 if your preferrred candidate isn’t nominated or vote for Gary Johnson. Pres. Trump would love to appoint RBG’s successor to the SCOTUS.