Discussion: Shots Fired Outside Biden's Delaware Home Saturday Night

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I hope Alana Levinson has an alibi.


And that it is something more believable than:
“I was doing research for an article”


I wonder if the RWNJ blogs are having a blast with this as clickbait?
“Sorry, officer, I was just following VP Biden’s advice about shooting my shotgun …”

The ultimate snark bait is why are liberals are giving a pass to the bullets fired in Biden’s Delaware neighborhood. Is it because they like his policies?

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Bless that our wonderful VP and his family are safe.

A full investigation must be done … is this home grown sovereign citizen/militia crap aka domestic terrorism? The right wingers will ignore it if is and blame it on Islam blah blah blah something if they can.


Pardon me; were you trying to type something coherent?


This is truly despicable. It’s not enough that these morons have to constantly lie about everything but then they have to shoot at the Biden’s house. Honest to God. I hope they catch who ever did this and hang them out to dry as an example.

The crazies are everywhere, like Zombies. In fact, conservative teabaggers and zombies have a lot in common.

This will simply be (yet another) isolated incident. BTW, how many isolated incidences=trend?

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No, snarky such as the artile as Why are the liberals giving a pass to Creepy Uncle Joe Biden? Is it because they like his policies?

I am surprised Fox News has not picked up this snark and made it the question of the day. I guess they are too busy apologizing for the two idiots for said Muslims are 80 percent of a city’s population in England and the no go zone.

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Probably just the Secret Service guys assigned to his house getting bored, drunk and playing with their guns since they are being watch closely with prostitutes now.

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“High rate of speed” is self redundant. Speed is the rate of distance over time.

Biden’s only comment was “I told Leon he’d get his damn money as soon as the playoffs were over, but no, he had to play the fool. Well, his sh1t just got real, and someone’s got to go.”



If not, will she keep quiet about Nona driving the car?

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I assume the Palins were attending a birthday party nearby.