Discussion: Shooting Reported At Anti-Islam Group's Cartoon Contest In Texas

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Pamela Geller - it speaks volumes. Talk about incendiary!!!


This happened about four miles from my house. There was widespread outcry that this event was being held at the same center where the graduation ceremonies for all of the local schools would be held. In fact, the graduation ceremonies for the college I work at will be held there next week. The center is owned by a school district and they had no right to host Pamela Geller’s event knowing who she is.

I sent emails to the school board, the superintendent, and the facilities director begging them to cancel the event for fear this would happen. I never got response emails. I sent an email to TPM on Monday asking them to publish the story that it was coming up, hoping that a national backlash would force Garland ISD into canceling the event. They chose not to run the story. I understand the argument that if you publish it you risk causing the very thing that you are trying to stop, but this was well publicized by the hate groups, so the people who were going to act on it were going to act one way or another. The only way to stop this from happening was to stop the event from happening.


Geller is a one woman hate group.


As much as I love the 1st Amendment, and begrudgingly respect the 2nd, this event was nothing more than hate speech at its core. There is NO right to screaming “Fire,” in a crowded theatre as there should be no right to instigate or stir up violence for a few POLITICAL votes that will be lost on the attendees.

F-ing shameful!


She’s full of childish hatred.

And BTW, awarding "$10,000 for the best cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad " is the #1 example of the immature “IN YOUR FACE!” hatred she and her kind have of others. What a despicable woman.


I totally disagree with what this American Freedom Defense Initiative group led by Pamela Geller is doing but I think it is their First Amendment right. The state has an obligation to protect and promote those rights despicable as they may seem to some in the community.


I reserve judgement until more is known but incendiary or not these people had every right to run this. Running it at a school center was foolish but other than that they can do what they want. The proper response is protests … not violence. If this was done by the Friends of Allah, the best thing would be to turn them against their ‘brothers’ in exchange for not being in a federal pen for the next 20 years. Update: another site says 2 Friends of Allah are pining for the fjords … may they burn in hell. No human deaths reported yet … hope it stays that way.


This is NOT ‘screaming fire’ . This is a political statement. Restricting political statements does MUCH more harm. When are some of you people going to get the 1st Amendment?


This type of despicable and unpopular speech is precisely what the 1st Amendment is supposed to protect. That some groups will react with violence is not a reason for shutting the speech down. Those groups will have to learn to control their desire for violence if they expect to earn respect from this society and they can expect punishment for whatever violence they engage in. And if such groups did commit violence in response to Geller’s provocation, they really,really did fall into her trap.

That said, so far we do not know who did the shooting and whether or not it was at all related to this event.


What is the political statement here? I mean, beyond “I’m going to run a contest that purposefully offends an extremist sect of all militant Muslims”?


Video / Updates from Dallas Morning News and their TV partner


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This seems to be exactly what Geller was hoping for.


Geller is the type that has me reconsidering my promise to never use certain descriptive words


Actually we do know, but that doesn’t alter the question of what Pam Geller was hoping to achieve.



There is something off about Pamela Geller. However, there is something quite a bit off with people who are so wrapped up in a book of fairy stories that they need to be violent about it. Religion is the worst thing to ever happen to this world.


A conflict where you want to arm both sides.


One group of loons incites another group of loons, and people die as a result. Wash, rinse, repeat ad infinitum, ad absurdum for 10,000 years.


I winder if anyone will ask Ms.Geller how this incident advanced her goal to “make a stand for free speech”


What are we supposed to do when two groups insist on acting like monkeys with guns? Gellar is absolutely loving this shit, even though she nearly got “one of her own” killed. The Islamists are happy to have two more martyrs on the list. I’m rather impressed that Dallas was targeted in this way, since it seems like a guaranteed suicide mission (what? that was the idea? oh…).

Can we designate some portion of west Texas as the place where these things can be settled and leave the rest of the U.S. alone?

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