Discussion: Sheriff: FBI Cleared Law Enforcement In Killing Of Unarmed Man

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So, that’s not exactly how that works. It’s possible they found no wrongdoing worthy of FEDERAL charges and that seems correct. Homicide charges are pursued through state courts. The F.B.I. has NOTHING to do with the state charges.


Another unarmed man killed by mistake by an agent acting with the police, nothing to see here, move on to the next town where it happens and leave us alone.

Yes, wanton and willful negligence is not the same thing as a civil rights violation, which is a crime having the mens rea of intent rather than reckless disregard for the rights, life and safety of others, which is what your agency has shown. Yay. Sweet, sweet vindication baby.



I DEFY you TO exPLAIN the DIFFerence BETWEen a LUGar and a TAser. IF a REAL REServe DEPUTY wHO had TO PAY $2500 to Play POLICE caN"T tell, WOULD a LIBtard???

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Exactly, no federal civil rights violations simply means there isn’t enough to warrant a civil rights charge by the federal government. It does not, however, mean the family of the victim won’t be able to sue their asses off and take the city and those involved for all they’re worth nor does it mean there won’t be charges filed by the state (I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one).


The thing that gets me about statements like his are the fact that they completely lack humanity. A man who did not deserve to die has been killed. Instead of realizing what that means, he’s focused on the appearance of guilt and just had to tell anyone that would listen that they didn’t do anything wrong. Somebody like that shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun with the weight of the state behind his decisions.


Well, sheriff, I’ll withhold judgement until I see the report “clearing” your department.


I am not sure who is giving the word “clear” a worse name, this fool or Scientology.

Precisely. Murder is not a federal crime unless it is of a federal employee or is committed on federal land (there are also federal charges that can be brought in instances that involve interstate or foreign commerce that are not applicable here). The only thing the FBI can clear Bates of is a civil rights violation or a hate crime, which are federal offenses. Since there is no indication that the shooting was based on racial bias, it obviously didn’t take the FBI long to decide there was no basis for federal charges.