Discussion: Shanahan Memo Restricts Info Pentagon Can Give To Congress, Causing Tension

Here’s the truth: you can’t trust the Rump administration and Shanahan with anything.


There’s a simple solution… CUT their budget BIGLY


Executive Branch can have information that the Legislative Branch can not. This contradicts co-equal branches of government.


And he’s temporary…there’s more from where that came from…

After HE’S gone, he’ll be impeached too. (Or maybe BEFORE).

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Next impeachable act. Congress can’t perform oversight when they are denied access to critical information.


Has a bumper-sticker been made of your statement?

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Betcha the most worrisome offenders are all Goopers (looking at you Devin Moooooones).


Hmmmm… Really should start marketing this stuff…


Welp, that confirmation hearing is toast. WH looking for next piece of meat to throw in the tRump grinder. And they say making sausage is ugly…

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Kind of like Boeing keeping information from pilots. It’s all for the better good, right?


Are these obviously result-oriented, pro-Trump memos really supposed to take effect?

More troubling is Trump keeping military planning a secret from the DoD.


Given his druthers Toadglans would model America on the 1960s Soviet Union. He’d love to bring back the good ol’ days when the proletariat would have to visit a kiosk to request a phone number from a telephone book attendant and road maps were intentionally inaccurate for “security reasons.” Of course, there was little reason to request a phone number or get a map for that voskresnyy drayv as only favored apparatchiks had either telephones or cars.


This is blatant. The executive may say that Congress has no oversight authority, but the Constitution is very specific about Congress’s authority with respect to the armed forces:

US Constitution, Article I, Section 8
The Congress shall have power …
To make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces;


Right. Congress can’t keep a secret, but the pResident can whisper anything he wants to his Russian handler.

Got it.


No one else was in the room!! You can’t prove it!!


Your OneWordAnswer™: Yes.

The point of the memos is that they are legal guidelines for other employees of the agency to follow. You don’t get in trouble by doing what the lawyers say.

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Michael Cohen may beg to differ.


So, is the memo itself confidential? I’m not really doubting it exists, but essentially this is just a simple “outrage” headline with essentially no context or content!

A memo restricting info? What kind of info? Can’t be trusted to protect pentagon plans? What kinds of plans? Causing bipartisan concern? For example?

Unfortunately, this reads like cocktail gossip stretched out into a “story” and is not helpful when substantiated facts are needed.

“Ohmygawd, did you hear what Shanahan did? He wrote a memo saying Congress can’t be trusted with Pentagon plans so they shouldn’t be told about them! Everybody in the Hill is upset about this—-not just Democrats!! They are saying they can’t do their jobs! You should write about this, cuz, you know, he hasn’t even been confirmed yet!!”

So many questions…