Discussion: Several Wounded In Finland Stabbing, Suspect Shot In Leg

Wasn’t Trump going to fix the ISIS thing in 30 days?


Turns out it’s complicated.


As part of his new Bannon-less pivot, Donnie denounced the attack as terrorism, even before it occurred, and blamed the Mayor of London for letting it happen…


Finland’s top police chief, Seppo Kolehmainen, said it was too early to link the attack to international terrorism.

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HELSINKI (AP) — A man stabbed eight people Friday in Finland’s western city of Turku, killing two of them, before police shot him in the thigh and detained him, police said. Authorities were looking for more potential suspects in the attack.

Doesn´t it seem that suspects in other countries seem to survive their arrests at a much higher rate than in the US?

Finland has its problems, but basically the average Finn has a safer and healthier, and dare I say, happier life than the average American. I am sorry that this has happened to them.


Live suspects yield more information.