Discussion: Senators Visit Afghanistan, Slam Trump Administration For Lack Of War Strategy


I’ve tried three times to come up with something, I’ve got nothing. Except tribalism is hard to break.


Even if Trump nominated people they would be unqualified to handle the job.


“Secretary Tillerson needs to come to Afghanistan quickly.”

He’ll do so just as soon as they discover oil in Afghanistan.


Two Democrats, in addition to Warren, Whitehouse was there and is quoted in this and the linked Times piece. Also there according to the Times piece was McCain, who led the delegation. Neither mention senator number 5.

Direct from the military, more on the mess in State. And, while it’s concerning Trump wants to hand over everything to the Prntagon (run by a general), at least the generals keep saying they need state. In this circus of an administration, probably both because the military can’s do it along and because Trump will no doubt blame any lack of success on the military, and totally distance the administration. Generals don’t like to be conned. Too much at stake.


Trump refuses, actively, to appoint people to critical posts at State. Tillerson looks for oil in Afghanistan…
trump is play acting at being an actual president. It’s all about his ego.


Tillerson would like to visit, but he’d have to get Kushner’s permission and interrupt his nap schedule.

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Since five deferment Don knows more than the Generals he is keeping his strategy a secret until the proper moment.

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“comprehensive” strategy; economic and diplomatic plan; domestic political reconciliation; clear vision

They won’t get anywhere with the dolt-in-chief by using words that are not in his active vocabulary.


Now there’s something you’d never see Don the Con do…visit Afghanistan. No golf course there…and even if they do, it most definitely doesn’t have one with his name on it.

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I’m also fairly sure that Trump wouldn’t know how to bully others in a comprehensive, multi-faceted way. He usually just zeroes in on one perceived weakness in his opponent, and then beats it to death.

Here is my comprehensive Afghanistan plan…ready…here goes…



Why doesn’t Trump just implement the brilliant plan for Afghanistan Trump assured us during the Election he had already formulated?


OOOH, OOOH!!! I know the answer!!! Call on me!!!


I was so hoping that Obama would do precisely that, in January of 2009. He’d have taken a political beating for it, but a year later, no one would even have remembered it, and we’d have been free of that morass.


clear vision of where we’re headed.”

Two problems with this.

  1. drumpf doesn’t have a clear vision of anything, nothing. He isn’t even sure where Afghanistan is.

  2. If there were a “clear vision,” then they still wouldn’t tell us because it ends up for us the same way it ended for the Russians and the British before them.


Ah, Senator Graham, didn’t you just say you were “all in” with Mr. Trump? So, there’s no strategy necessary. Afghanistan will be placed into the President’s ‘Winning’ program. Afghanistan will have the same success as Trump’s healthcare plan and border wall. So much winning.


Still have troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Gitmo still running.

Wasn’t this supposed to be done after 8 years under President Obama?

“A solution needs to have a military angle, but also an economic and diplomatic plan.” —Sen. Warren

Afghanistan is an artificial country. The central government is weak, which impedes diplomatic efforts. public confidence in it is low. There won’t be a functional federal military for the foreseeable future.

There are no viable centralized institutions for overseeing economic growth. It lacks the ability to influence monetary policy because it lacks a financial system. There is a banking sector, but it’s corrupt.

In light of all this, there isn’t a ‘solution’ that leverages the Afghan military, government, or economy because they are corrupt and weak to non-existent. Sen. Warren knows this. Why is she spouting this inane pseudo-policy twaddle?

According to the Voice of America website (first one that came up when I Googled) the fifth Senator was David Perdue (R-GA).