Discussion: Senate Votes To Declare Climate Change A Hoax

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OK Mr. Congressperson, we know you’re not a scientist. But that doesn’t prevent you from talking to and listening to scientists. That’s why congress holds hearings- to gather information from experts in their fields, so you can make informed decisions. Put that Koch Brothers campaign donation check down and pay attention: lives of future generations are counting on you.


Right wing Republicans need to stop embarrassing themselves by claiming global warming isn’t real.

They also need to recognize that British right wingers and French right wingers are often just as truthful as today’s American conservatives, meaning you need to check your facts before you embarrass yourselves by quoting them about things like no go zones.

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"Just voted to express that climate change is not a hoax. As @varvel pointed out, in Indiana we call it “March” "

And the correct response from the Dems should be: “Dan Coats (R-IN) officially voted on record today to express his belief that Christian dogma is wrong and Pope Francis is indeed fallible, and that the Pope’s admonishments about climate change and man’s contributions thereto are just so much fluff and falsehood to be ignored at all costs. The only question remains: who paid him his 30 silver?”


And reaffirmed that we are made from mud. (And women are genetic clones of men, having been made from a rib.)

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True “Christians” don’t trust the Catholic Church and view the Pope with suspicion.

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More proof that the Republican God is Ayn Rand.


“…The best scientists in the world…”

The politicians occupying the United States Senate know best.

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“Senate voted on Wednesday to reject a symbolic provision that said human activity contributes to climate change.”
First I hear that they drop the abortion debate indefinitely and now this?
Hows that little republican controlled congress thingy going for ya?
Im starting to like this republican control ,
It’s fun!

Bunch of ignorant fucks.


Actually this is a good news bad news thing.
The headline is the bad news. That they now ACCEPT
climate change is the good news

On the abortion thing, the pols were only listening
to religious nuts. When actual bills were out there
the voters spoke. The GOP knows it cannot alienate
female voters any more than they already have.
They can get just SO FAR parading Mia Love
around like Ann Romney’s Rafalca

I hope your right. but these people have no shame they will shut the women in their party up is what I believe, but I hope I am wrong.

Congress: “Where ignorant armies clash by night”. – Matthew Arnold

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“sense of the Senate that climate change is real and not a hoax.”
Interesting phrase. Good start. Now admit the Senate is a hoax.