Discussion: Senate To Vote On Minimum Wage Hike: GOP Filibuster Expected

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Why are Democrats not constantly hammering Republicans like Kelly Ayote and Susan Collins for voting with Ted Cruz to deny people a livable wage? They’re not moderate, but no one is calling them out on this! Maine should be a winnable state in '14, and New Hampshire in '16.


The sad thing is, even if it were to pass, 10.10 an hour in 3 years time still wouldn’t be enough to live on.


But yet bring up a bill to lower taxes on millionaires who don’t, you know, actually need the break…see how fast the RWNJs line up to vote for that.

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While I agree that a phased in minimum wage increase without something to help it keep up, like tying future increases to inflation, is a foolhardy endeavor, it’s something that Democrats need to be pushing. If the GOP can stage 50+ votes on repealing the ACA, Democrats can hold at least 2 votes on raising the minimum wage.

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More Rethuglicans could support the minimum wage hike if the Sterling Provision, commonly known as Cash for BJs, was amended to the bill…

GOP filibuster? No f**g way! Who could have predicted that? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

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It will be the repugs lack of support for raising the minimum, even to a level which isn’t adequate in the real world, that will be the heart of the political ads we’ll see in the fall. As dumbya might have said, there’s some stratergerizing under way.

There’s that republican support for working people we’ve been hearing so much about.

Hold a vote on the minimum wage hike for every vote that the House held to repeal the ACA.

So little time, so much hate.
Alan Grayson had it right. The GOP really does want the poor to die.
It would make their world so much simpler.