Discussion: Senate Sends Russia Sanctions Bill To Trump, Moscow Retaliates

Moscow retaliates: Pee tapes in IMAX.

Trump’s communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, suggested earlier Thursday on CNN’s New Day that Trump might veto the bill and “negotiate an even tougher deal against the Russians.”



98-2 in the Senate, 419-3 in the House. Veto-proof majorities unless a whole lot of votes change…


On this particular bill, that isn’t going to change.

No amount of huffing and puffing from Trump is going to do any good.


Would be surprising if it did. I’m guessing Trump will sign.


“It’s not good for any president — and most governors don’t like to veto things that are going to be overridden. It shows a diminishment of their authority. I just don’t think that’s a good way to start off as president.”

Mr. Corker needs to pay closer attention.

First, DT is not like most presidents. He’s the most presidential president in the history of presidenting other than Lincoln, and most people don’t even know Lincoln was a Republican.

Second, even the most stalwart GOP opponent of education and science will have to work overtime to explain how close DT can reasonably be expected to get to the presidential authority equivalent of absolute zero.

Last, the traditional window of 100 days to denote the start off as president has closed. DT is now a seasoned veteran of the Oval Office.

Other than that, a good observation by Sen. Corker that nobody can imagine DT is seriously thinking.


So many things fly right over his head—because he’s so short and so clueless.


“closing the U.S. embassy’s recreation retreat.”

Oh, my! Isn’t that going a bit far?

Until proven wrong, my assumption is that Trump will sign anything and everything they send him, and certainly anything related to Russia, for fear of imminent impeachment.


Dear Russia, reducing diplomatic personnel can no longer be seriously viewed as real retaliation under Secretary of State Tillerson.

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I think that – if his advisors have done the tiniest bit of reading about government – he will make a loud noise about how he is not signing the bill, he would never sign such a terrible bill. And then in 10 days it will become law anyway.


He should ask his friend Governor LePage how a pocket veto works. Isn’t LePage an expert on that?

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Yes, Chiselin’ Trump will “negotiate” the tougher deal with Putin. :laughing: