Discussion: Senate Report: Harsh Tactics Didn't Net Osama bin Laden

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That is a hell of a Karl Rove impersonation.



“It is impossible to know in hindsight whether we could have obtained … the same information that helped us find bin Laden without using enhanced techniques,” the agency said in its written response.

If the CIA could prove it, they would have said so. That means the Senate conclusion is correct: There is no evidence that torture helped prevent any attacks, and we would have found bin Laden anyway, without torture.


Underlings went to jail over Abavewgrave so why no jail for these WAR CRIMINALS???

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No kidding. Now, how about if we do some research into the countless money that was pissed away “defending against” all those “threats” that were the result of some guy being tortured while being asked “are malls being threatened?”, and finally just saying “yes” just to stop the torture. Then we have all kinds of enhanced security, OT for police, etc., for a totally non-existent threat. Talk about wasteful government spending, and all for political gain about “keeping us safe”. This from the same people who ignored dozens of warnings of an imminent attack on US soil in the summer of 2001…


The biggest key to bin Laden being nailed was …re-opening the bin Laden unit that Bush had closed down. No one needed to be tortured to do that…


I thought Jessica Chastain found him.

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The CIA maintains torture worked because then they can claim the legal doctrine of ‘necessity’ and avoid going to jail. The report shows they were constantly worried about going to the Slammer over their ‘interrogation techniques.’.

“”""“CIA officials disagree, and maintain that detainees subjected to coercive tactics provided crucial details”""""

Is it conceivable…or possible they would say anything else? Are we to believe they would say…“yeah it didn’t work very well”.

BTW, this is an AP story; wonder how many local papers chose to run it. Hope it’s being widely read today…

I’ve read quite a bit of the report. The section on Hassan Ghul, around page 130, is gobsmacking. Because he “sung like a jailbird” and gave up more info than perhaps all other detainees combined…before getting tortured.

Particularly after reading the KSM section, who’s torture produced zero. nada. zip.

Hindsight gives clearer vision, but the CIA and the administration were completely nuts. Totally incompetent.

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