Discussion: Senate OKs Resolution Against Putin Offer To Question US Officials

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I assume that one of the two missing votes was John McCain who is absent from the Senate, and the other was PROBABLY Rand Paul abstaining to vote (asshole that he is.)


What is" incredible" is that the White House even for a nanosecond considered this"proposal" or that it has y=taken so long to walk the Doofus’ comments back.

So people are asking: is Dumbo Don the Con really as stupid and ignorant as he appears; is he a Russian asset and thus a traitor, committing treason daily; or both?

My vote is both.

Bring on impeachment of the traitor.


Trump should have been impeached for even considering this. He is a traitor.
Is the Congress going to deal with it by slapping down each traitorous act one by one or are they going to stand up to him and impeach him?
You cannot be for our country and for Donald Trump.
It is either one or the other.


I’m glad the GOP still has these lucid moments, like when Grandma has one of her good days, and you laugh together over some story. You know it’s not a good situation really. You know she’s not going to get better. There’s much worse to come. But just for a few moments, it’s like old times. :pensive:


Was Trump ignorant enough to think this was actually an ‘incredible offer’? If so, 25th Amendment.

If Trump wanted to push this for nefarious reasons related to Putin’s influence? If so, impeachment.

There is no other alternative explanation.


What is happening? Two acts of defiance from the GOP in one day? I hope they get used to flexing their checks and balances. Though I assume something worse will happen tomorrow.


Mmmmm, Browder is no longer an American Citizen.

He gave up his citizenship and is now a British Citizen, but, point taken.


Another weak move by Trump. He finds out the Senate passed the resolution and all the sudden he doesn’t want to do it? Right. That orange stain lost his mojo. He can’t even pretend to be leading and spends all his time walking back statements and trying to cover up other ones. The end is coming and it is going to lay him bare. The world is laughing at you, you unqualified baffoon.


You’ve nailed it exactly.

But then, alas, her bone spurs act up again, and out come the restraining devices.


And then – just as quickly – the GOP poops on the table, eats your wallet, and stabs the dog.



Since compelling a private citizen to do anything is way outside the president’s purview in the first place, this vote really just says, “Shut the fuck up, you big orange imbecile.”


You go back and forth, I think. Trump proposes killing all the puppies, and the Senate unanimously votes in favor of a non-binding resolution condemning puppy-killing. It’s a baby step. They’ve been worse, and will be again. The House wouldn’t even condemn puppy-killing. It would probably devolve into a chorus of indistinct voices saying I personally have not found puppy-killing necessary at this point, or there are many alternative options we should consider, or puppy-killing should be left up to the states or whatever. I think in the end we cling to whatever positive things can help us not go insane. I’m not going to take that away from people especially when one of the people is I.


Is the statement in the story stating that Putin had offered to let the U.S. question the 12 Russians correct?
I think what Putin offered was that representatives of the U.S. could be present while the Russians questioned the Russian.

That is a huge, some might even say a Bigly difference.


It’s not that the man is a completely incompetent certifiable idiot.

Just kidding.

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OT, but here is something mind-blowing. I am not on Facebook, so this is a rather sorry way to post this news….maybe someone else can do it better?


This was meek self preservation instincts at work. Weasels and other slithering creatures have similar instinctive responses when inconvenient events present themselves. No cojones at all, McConnell has, unless he is filibustering the first Black President 400 plus times, or stonewalling the vote on Merrick Garland. He is a slithering bottom feeder.

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