Discussion: Senate Judiciary Committee To Probe Firing Of Ex-FBI Director James Comey

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This is a good development. Feinstein threw Grassley a bone on including Lynch, but Lynch will be able to defend herself. Lynch and Comey had professional disagreements on the handling of the Clinton Emails. Lynch is a pro and handle these guys easily.

This probe will probably cause Mr. Beauregard Sessions to think about submitting his resignation letter sooner rather than later and plead the 5th to avoid dealing with Al Franken.

It seems to me that Burr has convinced enough of the Senate GOP caucus that Trump is toxic and that they should look to get additional distance from him. Burr is the guy to whom the GOP will turn in order to make its decision to make a move for Pence to succeed Trump.

In fact, given what Burr must know about the Flynn investigation and how Pence does not come up with clean hands, the right move for the GOP would be to focus on OOJ as a means to prepare the GOP base to accept Trump’s ouster. Like the Nixon resignation, the resignation of Trump would then be used as fuel to keep the GOP fire going into future elections.


Another phony investigation. Fake letter, fake news. And Trump probably thinks now that the Judiciary Committee is starting a phony witch hunt investigation, the Intelligence Committee must be finished with their witch hunt - and they should announce soon that they have totally exonerated him. Incoherent tweets to follow.

Yes, since he apparently can (barely) keep one thing in his mind at a time.

If he weren’t such a flaming bunghole, I’d almost feel sorry for the man. He is so far out of his depth, and this job is nothing like the fun ego trip he imagined it would be, and nothing in his life so far has prepared him to understand that … oh, what did they always say on the conservative side, back in a time long ago when the GOP styled itself the “party of personal responsibility”?

Oh yeah: Actions have consequences.

OBTW: 18 U.S. Code § 2381


Lady Justice wears a blindfold for good reason. Let the chips fall where they may.

The only reason Grassley “agreed” to this was so they can go hammer and tong after Clinton and Lynch as a counter-narrative to deflect.


My first reaction was, “What’s to investigate?” Trump said he fired Comey because of the Russia thing. Then I reread the article and the committee is going to also look at Clinton Emails. We have Russian agents in the White House and we’re still investigating Hillary’s emails. Only in America, comrades. Only in America.


Just when I was beginning to hope I saw the Lynch crap emerge as an equivalency. No smoke, no fire. Now, are they going to handle the probes concurrently, or will one emerge as the real driver. If so, which one?

@osage: I thought it was because she was into that whole “shades of grey” thing.

Yeah, but that never stopped them before…

I feel like we all believe Trumps going down, but what kind of shit will Pence? He doesn’t seem to be a guy with a whole lot of ideas other than religious bs.

The SJC and the SIC are assembling all of the necessary information to begin impeachment proceedings. Everyone knows that 45 is doomed and is guilty as hell. There are a few Senators left who still retain some amount of reason to know that they should not continue to fight a losing battle. They realize they would rather be judged by their efforts to limit the damage being caused by this loon, as opposed to supporting him, and by default be complicit in his acts of treason. When the SHTF, they need to be ready to drop the hammer. These proceedings will let them remain standing during the aftermath.

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like I keep saying
In Trumpp’s America
Swamp drains you!

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The Judiciary Committee is the committee with oversight responsibilities. Grassley has seemed a little more engaged than other Republican senators. I also suspect that Al Franken feels the need to talk to Jeff Sessions in a public hearing. All in all this is good news.


Sadly impeachment starts in the house. Have you seen anybody in the House Republican leadership who gives a shit about Trump and his buddies in Russia?

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I know where the proceedings begin, but in order for anything to happen, the groundwork needs to be in place to enable the House to take all necessary actions. Have you witnessed much action in that direction in the House? If the Senate arrives at irrefutable conclusions, the House will not be able to ignore those findings. The House will be forced to take action. If the Senate does nothing, then the House will also do nothing.


Nope. That is my point. Until the leadership in the House takes this seriously we are in deep shit. So far we have seen typical House Republican bullshit including a chair (Nunez) who is actively subverting the process. I don’t think irrefutable proof that Trump sold his soul to Putin would change a damn thing as far as the House leadership is concerned. Hell he could shoot somebody and nobody in the House leadership would notice unless Fox News told them it was important.

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No impeachment yet. Too many people have to answer for this mess.


Yes and no. Yes there are too many people who need to take responsibility for this mess, but impeaching T rump would be their way of avoiding that responsibility. If they impeach, then they look better in the eyes of their constituents, and therefore they have a greater chance of remaining in office. If the do nothing, then they run the risk of being labeled “complicit” with T rump, and go bye-bye next year.

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