Discussion: Senate Intelligence Chair Laments CIA Torture Program: 'Never Again'

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FeinsteIN’s release of THIS rePort is WORSe thaN HITLEr

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Upcoming Senate Intelligence Chair: “When can we do this again?”


Gee, you’d think this is the first Feinstein’s heard of it.


So, just a few bad apples.

Hmmkayy. Riiight.

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Great news! The war crimes trials start when???


“What we have found is that a surprisingly few people were responsible for designing, carrying out, and managing this program,”

If only there was an elected body charged with oversight of such programs…


“emphasizing that the torture — or coercive interrogation”

That should earn you a fuck off. Make no room for their euphemisms or you’re nothing but an enabler, Sahil.


The real issue here is rather simple. You either believe that torture is consistent with our american values, or you don’t. The question of whether or not the torture yields useful information is irrelevant to the resolution of that issue. If you believe torture is ok, then you probably don’t care whether or not it produces useful information, and, if you believe torture is not ok, then you probably still don’t care whether or not it yields useful information. For me, I find it difficult to reconcile torture with our continued claims of being a christian nation.


America is still anxiously waiting for Hannity to be water-boarded, for the troops!

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Crocodile tears, Difi. I’m not buying it.


“Two contractors developed and led the interrogations. There was little effective oversight.”

Contractors? Jeebus on a Triscuit, this is Trickle-Down writ large. We have privatized torture.


Rhymes with ‘lighthouse’.

Actually, the government is torturing us by making Darrel Issa insult the intelligence of the people of
this country by presiding over kangaroo courts and spewing outrageous lies. BTW, why is that creep
not in jail where he belongs?.

That is exactly the issue here. Our nation has long claimed to be an exceptional nation, where honor and principles rule. This report, which took a lot of guts to release, should tell us that if we are exceptional, it means we are exceptionally immoral, debased, and uncivilized. Don’t forget, we still insist on killing people convicted of some crimes, our police still kill people instead of arresting them, and our prosecutors still, like Congress, refuse to even consider punishment when those in power use the power to kill unpopular people.

I hope this begins our own reconciliation process, where we, as a nation, decide to become civilized and worthy of our expressed ideals.

I emailed Senator Feinstein thanking her for releasing that report, as painful as it was. But, this has to only be the first step. Next, we need to turn over the evidence to an international court and let them determine the appropriate consequences for those who ordered the torture, those who approved it, those who condoned it, and even those who insisted on remaining ignorant about it. Unless the consequences include punishment of GWBush, we cannot be sure that the next president won’t allow even worse to be done. This is one of the times when an example must be made of those who were responsible, top to bottom.

Next, as a nation, we need to pay reparations for this. This should be reparations to the families of the tortured, to the nation’s of the tortured, and to the World Court to support further actions if behavior like this happens again.