Discussion: Senate GOP Budget Tells Committees To Write Obamacare Replacement

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This is going to be interesting.

Republicans truly deplore the hard work of writing legislation. Mostly they have industry do all that nasty heavy lifting stuff. Obamacare gives the insurance industry everything it wants. Who is going to do the actual writing of “replacement” legislation?

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Republicans truly deplore the hard work of writing legislation.

How hard can it be to write “Give it all back to the insurers” ?

Mike Enzi, of course, being the person tasked by McConnell to string out negotiations over the ACA until Kennedy and/or Byrd died by duping Max Baucus into believing it was possible to get his vote with an endless series of goalpost moves.


The Republican’s Obamacare replacement: Don’t Get Sick. If you do, screw you.

Repubicans-could-give-a-care, sounds like a political winner. :wink:

Ahhh yessss… the Republican congress, showing how they use their power of a Republican House and Senate to negotiate and get the government moving again. How? By putting forward a budget that has zero chance of progressing.

The ‘replacement’ if ever written, will of course be ‘Obamacare Lite.’

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To bamboozle Justices Roberts and Kennedy that GOP Congress really is working a replacement so S.Ct. can invalidate Obamacare with heads held high.

Thank God these fools have zero chance of taking the WH in 2016!

Since the ACA is basically republican in origin (Heritage Foundation and Romneycare) it theoretically should be easy to rewrite:
No preexisting conditions
single payer system
stuff like that …wait…what?

They’re going to enact JoniErnstCare!

Sick? Can’t afford to go to a doctor? Well, under JoniErnstCare, all you have to do is go to the church of your choice and beg for help. And if that fails, start up a GoFundMe campaign like that former Sheriff in Arizona is doing :wink:

I think they have a good chance. Complacency really scares me. Hillary has not won an election since when?