Discussion: Senate Dems Urge Obama To Declassify Info On Russia And US Election

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Probably the millions of illegal votes Trump has been twitting about. The idiot-elect just can’t keep his thumbs off the button.


Obama doesnt’ have a hardball bone in him…never happen.


If Obama wants to be a true patriot, he will do this. I know he is all about being high-minded and not giving the appearance of being overly partisan, and this is for the most part very admirable. But the American people have every right to know the degree to which a hostile foreign power has interfered with our election. We have every right to know what is known about the president-elect’s relationship to Russia. Obviously the Senate Dems know there is important information out there. The confused, nihilistic GOP voters may be ready for the country to commit suicide but the rest of us–the majority of the country–are not.


Hmm, this would tell the Russians what breaks, the US Intelligence has into their espionage and hacking activities. Not smart to broadcast that !



Yes, it’s best to trust that President Trump will use that information in a wise and skillful manner.


That is not an argument ! Trump will be told on a “need to know” basis

Signals Intelligence is pretty sensitive and you won’t give your opponent information about how much or how little you know.

And if somebody must spill the beans, it is Trump, not President Obama.

Are you serious? Why bother to collect information if you don’t use it to enlighten about one of the most important things our democracy depends on – electing the President?

This should have been done PRIOR to the election, and I can’t imagine why it wasn’t. We don’t have to give away the store to declassify ( with redactions) information every American is entitled to.


Could be one of those situations where the initiative has to seem to come from outside and develop into broad, bipartisan concern if it isn’t going to destabilize the nation to some sort of horrendous breaking point. They could have confirmed video of Trump selling his soul to Beelzebub and if you handled it the wrong way you could have chaos. It’s hard to imagine a President regarding that prospect with any sort of relish or blithely risking it except as the absolute last resort.


Yes, I am serious !

Pardon me for mentioning it, but the election is over, so why reveal anything now ? It won’t change the outcome.

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i agree. but it kind of depends on how bad it was. also if retaliation is involved you don’t want to show your hand.

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Hello!!! Manafart. Das vidanya…


Why kabuki, of course. The show must go on. Roads must roll.

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I don’t care if the election is over. I want to know and I think we’re entitled to know. It’s our election dammit.


it’s like he never was gone.


I don’t know. It seems to me that the election of Trump has already destabilized the nation, especially given the involvement of a foreign power in that event. If we are going to wait for a bipartisan movement to declassify information that may serve to discredit Trump, we are going to be waiting for a long, long time. I understand and appreciate caution, but the point is that there are extreme dangers no matter which course of action is taken. Let the truth be revealed.


This is slightly OT but -

I read a really interesting NYT story on my Twitter feed today re: Russia’s very changing relationship with what’s referred to as the Western world.

It seems to be a given that Francois Fillon will France’s next President. He’s not quite as right wing as Le Pen but close. He’s supportive of Rump and welcomes both Rump and Putin as major leaders. Add Rump, May and Fillon together and all of a sudden, Putin is accepted as a major world leader that should be dealt with as a peer and not as a dictator to be fought. Interesting.


I call B.S. By this rationale no prosecutor should ever take a case to court - the crime has already been committed, after all.


It’s going to get very interesting. First of all, Putin wants out from underneath sanctions and he will likely get what he wants. He’s already put a campaign out there in the Balkans to try to do more damage to the EU by positing himself and Trump as the alternative. That’s why that billboard is in Montenegro - when Montenegro got its independence in 2010 it joined the EU.

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Nonsense, you could destroy an important future source of information just for being able to cry “You cheated !!”