Discussion: Senate Dems Block Disaster Aid Bill, Saying It Bypasses Intense Need In Puerto Rico

Good to see the Dems keeping the pressure on. This is an important precedent.


He is counting money he hasn’t spent in the money he has spent.

Let’s face it Trump doesn’t want to spend money on brown Americans who don’t vote in the Presidential election.


speaking of no disaster aid… the farmers whose land is now underwater and whose collapsed silos storing the grains they weren’t able to sell to china are not going to receive any federal aid:



Trump is such a fraud. Puerto Rico was hit by two hurricanes and should have had at least double the money spent already.


The republicans couldn’t even get a majority, much less get past a filibuster. So really this should be heralded as a bipartisan effort to block a bad bill.

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It isn’t just Trump’s hands that are small. He has the moral stature, and sense of duty, of a flea (with apologies to flea’s everywhere).

Not just money that hasn’t been spent, but money that hasn’t been appropriated and won’t be for 15-20 years.

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Actually, the Whiner in the White House nearly shit his pants when the govermor of Puerto Rico said he wanted to punch him in the face.

Okay the picture is a fraud cause the governor of Puerto Rico doesn’t play golf.