Discussion: Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch To Be The First Black Female Attorney General

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Finally. Hopefully she’ll be more useful in holding some of thugs in blue accountable. She might also do what Holder didn’t and Warren’s been clamoring about and kick Wall St in the nuts.


And start prosecuting some Wall St. thugs.


About damned time.
And the delay was completely due to the pettiness of one Mitch McConnell… aka the “Terrapin”


Its totaling sickening how long this took. Shame on these Thugs in the Senate. Over and over again they prove how unworthy they are holding office.


Absolutely, and what did he get out of it? Not a damn thing. Hopefully, Ms. Lynch will come to DC ready to kick ass and take names. Holder was a fine AG and I liked him very much, and I have high hopes that Lynch will be a crucial part of the Obama 2.0: No Fucks Given administration.


so the only senator to miss the vote was li’l Rafael who petulantly left before the vote


Nice thought but not happening. She’s a corporate whore. See HSBC.

Jamie Dimon chuckles.

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Plucky, do you have an inside track on what the Dems had to give up on the anti-trafficking bill to get this vote on Loretta Lynch?

All I’ve found is that the ‘scope creep’ of the Hyde amendment was halted from going beyond the tax payer funds that would go towards victims’ healthcare, so no abortion services from these funds. But it looks like the Dems had to allow language that the ‘RICO-type’ fees and fines, no longer susceptible to the Hyde amendment add-on language, now cannot be spent on health care which would include abortion services.

I hope I’m wrong that the Dems caved to not allow these poor young victims access to ALL healthcare options they might need, including abortion. I just can’t find anything yet that says I’ve misread this. If I’m right, that is a huge price to pay for this Attorney General vote.

I’ve emailed my good Senator, Tammy Baldwin, asking her to clarify. As a stick in the eye, I also asked my evil Senator, Ron ‘the stoopid’ Johnson, to respond. My inquiry included the statement that no compromise was needed on the anti-trafficking bill to get to the Lynch vote if Holder would just start an investigation under the Logan Act of those “47 near-treasonous Senators who signed the Iran letter”. I don’t expect to hear back from Johnson.


Did McTurtle really just complain about “partisan and ideological considerations.”? It is to laugh.


From everything I’ve read, it really sounds like Democrats gave up almost nothing. I think the politics of letting the first black female AG languish for longer than the previous 7 AG nominees combined was getting to be too much for McConnell. It plays right into the “Do Nothing Congress” narrative.


Can anyone shed light on the details of the abortion compromise that let the human trafficking bill proceed, which let the Lynch vote proceed?

Just another example of NOT BACKING DOWN A SINGLE INCH!

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So you’ve read somewhere or heard something that these young women will not be ‘out on their own’ if they need abortion services?

I’m sorry I’m so stuck on this, but I feel it’s so important to make these victims whole in every possible way and hope GOP idolatry does not taint that.

Thank you for your reassurance … I really value your input on everything!

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I’m somewhat surprised and happy MS Sen. Thad Cochran did the right thing. He partially owes his seat to the African American voters in his state, and now in his final term in office will vote his conscience more often.

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Thanks, that’s very sweet, but don’t be too reassured. Just because I haven’t seen anything to give me pause, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Could be they got something or it could just be that McConnell wants to hurry up and head home for Derby week.

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Just to show that what I said about the Terrapin is true: While I was out on an errand this afternoon I listened to the news on NPR and learned that McConnell voted to confirm Ms Lynch. McConnell held up her confirmation for FIVE months…more than the last SEVEN AG’s combined. Just to petulantly make a point that he was PISSED at Harry Reid for Harry eliminating the filibuster for all confirmations except confirmation of Supreme Court justices.
What a petty ,small man McConnell can be.

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I have a vacation day tomorrow. If I don’t hear from Sen. Tammy, I will try to call her Madison staff to see if I can get some clarification on the effects of the compromise language. (Her staff, even when she was ‘just a Rep’ was awesome when I was trying to wade through the implications of the Bush pharma bill for my Mom.)

I think I’ll email Rachel too … Lynch’s confirmation is awesome, but I really want to know whether it might have cost the young victims options.

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We got screwed. Democrats could have avoided all that by confirming Lynch back in December before the weasels took over the senate in January. Dems should know by now Weasel GOP can’t be trusted. They just took advantage as they always do.

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