Discussion: Sen. Rubio: Sen. Paul 'Has No Idea What He's Talking About' On Cuba

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…and you do, Marco H-2-O?

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In LESS than 20 YEars IT will HAVE beeN proVEN that THE EMbargo WOULD’ve WORKED CHangING the REGIME of the CASTro Brothers!!!one11!!1!1!!!


Call me names, I know, but I really enjoy midget wrestling…


Marco Rubio doesn’t even know how his own family came to Florida from Cuba, why would we take him seriously about anything?!


Marco strikes me as incredibly dangerous. Willing to take any stance to advance himself. Without any ethical principles other than self-advancement. In short, the sort of Cuban whose incredibly corrupt rule made Castro, by contrast, look saintly to the majority of the Cuban people. We shouldn’t forget that the Cubans in exile were originally comprised almost entirely of the mobsters and their cronies who had ruined Cuba prior to the revolution. They arrived in yachts, not on rafts.

On the other hand, is President Rubio what we need to finally bring about a socialist revolution in the States?


It is a testament to a slow news day that Marco can get press coverage by simply stating the obvious. It has been an unwritten rule in Republican discourse that ignorance is no barrier to strongly held opinions. And, as the Fox business model has shown, ignorance is not a bug… it is a feature.

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We’re seeing an opportunistic, pandering desperate to get ahead politician who sees “Mr. President” staring back at him when he shaves in the a.m. If he even needs to shave. He’s also beginning to be slightly pissed off because the Florida big money donations will be going to Jebbie now, the other Florida fraud.


No, no, no, you’re confused. Paul doesn’t know what he is talking about when he discusses the economy…


Only El Marco knows Cuba. Just ask him.

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A large part of the argument feels like a variation of the theme that “Conservatism cannot fail: it can only be failed.”

In this case, the embargo cannot fail: it’s just going to take a few generations to succeed, and if by some chance, the Castros step down, and a democratic form of government takes their place, the Conservatives will have been proven right.

Any day now.

Regardless of how the circumstances may have changed.


My personal favorite to date is what Rube had to say about President Obama being as bad a negotiator as President Carter, two presidents who each received Nobel Peace Prizes.


Donner party, your table is ready.


Something that none of the media will bring up when he is invited to appear on the Sunday talk shows in the near future. And he will simply because he is anti-Obama which the Sunday talk shows live for.

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Rube will have more faux outrage about when he realizes that Fidel’s role as El Jefe is being marginalized by his forward-looking brother Raul. Can’t rail at a dictator when he’s fading into the sunset.

That’s rich, coming from one of the most ignorant, hidebound idiots in Congress today. Keep digging, Mark, that hole is just getting deeper.

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Everyone is wrong, Wrong, WRONG on this issue, except Marco.

Because he says so.

Sounds logical, and legit.


You just don’t understand. Supporting the embargo is the entire reason for existence of Rubio and his ilk. Obama just turned them into nothing. You can’t expect people to like nothingness. As for Rand, even a blind pig can find an acorn if someone shows him where to sit.


“Like many people who have been opining, he has no idea what he’s talking about,”

Wow, so much for civility. Where’s the popcorn?

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Hmm…Ima “Murikan of Polish Decent” and I still support PBO…'bout time…growing up on the East coast during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I remember the terror I felt as a jet flew over, thinking there was going to be a mushroom cloud…Rubio, has no clue either…he is a liar, and is as corrupt as the day is long…Randy is just nuts…

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