Discussion: Sen. Pryor Bashes Rep. Cotton Over Supporting Changes To Medicare In New Ad

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Nothing wrong with telling the truth, Republicans are on a path to create a permanent lower class–high medical bills keep people in poverty.

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He should also mention Republican votes against aid after disasters.


Perhaps this is the Cotton to which Cliven Bundy was referring.

Except for their own states of course – to my recollection, only Tom Coburn was consistent in denying it to his own as well as others. But my memory is faulty and it’s not worth reserarching, so take that with a grain of salt (blood pressure permitting of course.)

make every republican account for being a republican


Mark Pryor is not a liberal Democrat. He’s a bible-thumping moderate republican at best…a real jerk…but, sigh, he’s not a republican in party. Tom Cotton is a fascist slime ball. He’s a very dangerous man…military and Ivy-League educated AND a Tea Party darling. What could possibly be wrong there? Next to that, Pryor is an angel. How does it come down to this? I hope Pryor retains his seat.


How did TPM “obtain” this ad? Crack reporting, or press release?

Remember when President Obama’s go-nowhere budget-talks entitlement stunt was going to wreak political havoc on the Democrats’ electoral prospects?

It appears that the dire predictions have proven to be just as inaccurate in 2014 as they were in 2012.

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Pryor is a Democrat and is being true to his beliefs. Who would have thought that he actually has a chance in his very red state? So much for conventional wisdom.

By the way, in aging Arkansas his approach is brilliant. The voters don’t want government messing with their medicare.