Discussion: Sen. Flake Responds To Trump Presser: 'This Is Shameful'

But not shameful enough to reject his POTUS candidate, I guess ?


Well, it’s your party in lockstep with him, comrade.


Maybe the Putin meeting is finally a bridge too far for the wing of the GOP that still distrusts Russia. Not that Flake will do anything about it, but there could finally be a critical mass against Trump from the right… Maybe?? Hopefully??


For half a century Republicans have been bitching about FDR and Yalta.

The only good thing that happened today is they no longer can do that.


“This is shameful”.

Yeah, and I’ll bet Susan Collins is “concerned.”

Do somthing about it you feckless fuck, you cusillanimous punt.


“Later, I will also be saying some other things. And probably quite sternly.”


Any media organization that quotes Flake is worthless – as worthless as Jeff Flake himself…

Flake is as spineless and as much of media whore as Collins and Rand Paul and you are fools to give this fraud media space.

I may cancel my subscription just for this idiotic reporting.

I might just as well not keep up at all if this is the garbage you’re going to feed your readers.

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“This is shameful, and means that I am even more committed to confirming a strong originalist like Kavanaugh to SCOTUS.
At this time more than ever we need to justices with who are unwavering in their devotion to the Constitution.”


Hey you guys got your judge, so no big deal right?

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Flake is such a clown. If ever there were an icon of talking the talk without walking the walk, it’s Flake.

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Don’t live up to your name and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

you have how many months left? Step the fuck up and DO SOMETHING other than milquetoast whining into your sleeve you coward


Blah blah jibberjabber. What are YOU going to do about it?

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Really Senator? Really? You didn’t see this coming? Because that would make you a bigger idiot than Trump. Quite the feat. Except we know you’re not stupid, just a coward.


Exactly. Lots of teeth gnashing, no opposition.

He will do absolutely nothing at all except get his face on a few interviews expressing faux outrage.

I respectfully disagree. It’s not just Flake, it’s also Amash and Walsh, and that makes it newsworthy. What will happen next I don’t know, I don’t expect any of them to grow a spine, but that’s news to me


Speaking for myself, I find it worth noting just how fast their response was. This wasn’t one of those put-your-finger-in-the-wind statements, and it sure wasn’t something they poll-tested. This was a bona fide within-the-hour reaction, and to me that more strongly suggests the sentiment is genuine.


Yes, Mr . Flake,it was shameful yesterday, shameful today and will be shameful tomorrow, but be sure to rubber stamp his SCOTUS pick so the dismantling of our government can continue…thanks for nothing.


I think it is high time for Schumer and Pelosi to invite the relatively more sane members of the Republican party to caucus with them, especially Collins and Murkowski. Flip, ladies, or you will go down with the ship.