Discussion: Sen. Dan Coats Won't Run For Re-election

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I would soooo love it if Baron Hill ran. That’s definitely a campaign I’d contribute to. Nice guy, a little on the conservative side, but took that Obamacare vote knowing damn well it was his political undoing.



Good for Dan!

As for Todd Rokita, it would be a blessing to have him out of our district, but I pity the state as a whole if we elect this “no government is good and I’m here to prove it!” to the US Senate. Maybe HC can pull a second Democrat senator through for us flushing Toddy forever.

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As a Hoosier, I like the thought that we are done with Coats. OTOH, I dread what will replace him. It’s not hard to imagine someone even more to the right of Coats winning the seat. Indiana’s gone so far off the edge of sanity, nothing surprises me anymore.

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Maybe David Letterman is looking for a gig.