Discussion: Sekulow: If Mueller Subpoenas Trump, It Will End In A Supreme Court Battle

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Emmett Flood now warming up in the bullpen.


No problemo, Jay. See you in court.


It will be simple.

  1. Mueller will order that the President be compelled to testify before the grand jury, because the law applies to the Chief Executive.

  2. Trump will refuse, because he is above the law.

  3. The Supreme Court will decide whether it is a partisan body of 5 Republicans and 4 Democrats, or an actual court of law.


This is why Trump’s toady Kavanaugh can’t be on the Supreme Court. He is a “get out of jail free card” for Trump.


If he is innocent why is he afraid?


Who is this hack lawyer? Nixon was subpoenaed to turn over his office tapes and Bill Clinton was subpoenaed to testify about Monica!

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Sounds like he got bad information (again).


I’d love for him to provide the part of the Constitution that places the president above the law.


Becuase the last two times the Supreme Court ruled on whether a president has to respond to subpoenas in both civil and criminal cases aren’t really stare decisis, since they weren’t heard by a court with Kavenaugh, Roberts, Alito, Thomas, and Gorsuch.


That’s largely been decided. Ref: Bush v. Gore.


Oh because the other Supreme Courts were fake…I think I got it now. :wink:


Boy this guy is really late to the party. What has he been doing for a year and half? And who is paying him for being so dense?

You know what else ended in a Supreme Court battle?

Nixon’s presidency.



“A subpoena for live testimony has never been tested in court as to a President of the United States, and there is a lot of language, articles, and precedents against that,” he added.

That wasn’t live testimony …

and Bill Clinton was subpoenaed to testify about Monica!

Yes, Ken Starr issued a subpoena. The White House threatened to challenge it in court. Starr did not want to go through that, purportedly because his “investigation” had taken long enough already, so he withdrew the subpoena and entered into a negotiation for Clinton’s voluntary testimony under terms that were acceptable to Clinton (for example, Clinton was allowed to have his lawyers with him, which usually does not happen with grand-jury testimony).


Got it. Trump and all his associates lied their butts off but now that they’ve gamed the refs they will take it to the Supremes.

With all due respect to the counselor Sekulow: “Please proceed”

Give it a whirl. Issue a subpoena while the ‘meddling’ investigation continues. Put pressure on the alleged criminals and see what shakes loose. Maybe the traitor will be pissed off/stupid enough to respond to the subpoena and blabber his way into impeachment.


This is the first true thing Sekulow has said in how long?

What good is anything this guy, or any Trump shill, says if it is always amended after the fact. Only reliable approach to a Trump admin statement: huge lie, mostly lie by amendment, more lie than truth by amendment…begrudging admission to part truth accompanied by old lies and a new lie…Where does it end? Jail, I hope.

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