Discussion: Security Contractor In Elevator With Obama Was Not Convicted Felon

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My, how the mighty Post has slipped under new ownership.


This story, which seemed much more threatening to the President in initial reports, appeared not so much at all in this morning’s reporting of the old ‘news’.
In modern jounamalism’s perverted pyramid news style the ‘who, what, why, when, how’ check list is often surpassed by the more exciting ‘whatever’ check in first reports and further burnished with inventive ‘some people’ quotations.


I’m surprised they even bothered following up, to correct their error. Which honestly, did they even take five minutes to confirm their story, or could they not wait to publish their latest breathless expose?


It didn’t make any sense that a convicted felon could get a permit to carry.


Questions? I got questions!
How do you ‘just end up’ on an elevator with the POTUS?
And why wouldn’t you ask before capturing video of the POTUS?
Why would you persist when the SS says ‘stop’?
Then the guy loses his job?
There’s got to be more to this.



Exactly. How does anyone who is not with the Secret Service end up on an elevator with the POTUS?


I do background checks all the time as part of my job. Plenty of people out there who are initially charged with a felony and then have it reduced to a misdemeanor as part of a plea deal. It’s basic stuff. But if you don’t know how to read the records correctly you could read it as “Felony” even though that was not the final result. My guess is some “source” along the way was using a background check service and didn’t know how to read it correctly.

He was not even convicted of any misdemeanor, so this doesn’t wash too well.

Today’s NYT has a detailed story on this. It seems they made a scapegoat out of him. And to make things worse the security firm fired his son two weeks later listing BS reasons.

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The Post was never mighty, look no further than that gawdawful, neoconservative editorial board.

We can only hope Bezos will get the paper back on track, weed out a cesspool Washington insiders with fake journalism badges.

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Yeah right

So are they going to hire that contractor back after all that media frenzy?

WP publishers need a juicy, covered-up family suicide to really get the ball rolling…

Ummm, one of the problems with current legislation is that there are loopholes and inadequacies in the system whereby that can actually happen.