Discussion: Secret Service Wants To Build $8 Million Replica White House

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Sounds a bit extravagant, but they could possibly offset some of the cost by renting it out to movie companies for filming.

I expect there are several nationally-prominent Mormon politicians ready to volunteer to ‘play’ the part of the faux POTUS.

Hang on - didn’t we already do this once before?

You don’t need to build a replica WH to deal with drunkenness and lax management.

Welcome to the wild side of the Hive you have a personalized avatar today! A James Cameron fan; a reference to climate change; or, a call out to the part of the iceberg disproportionately overlooked?

I’ve always had one. The prior was an optical illusion.

Closer to that. It has multiple references. Part of it is a reference to intuition, another is to what is unseen, under the surface. It’s about curiosity, and that perception is often different than reality. It references the 80/20 rule. So, there’s a lot I like about the image. It’s also pretty.

Duh. I was supposing that the two tone graphic symmetry was one of the randomly assigned kind. My bad. Looking back, I realize the obvious differences now. Drunkenness and lax.

Anyway, the illusion didn’t work that well when the image was small.