Discussion: Secret Service Officer On Leave Shot And Killed In D.C. Tuesday

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Baldwin was suspended in April after he was charged with first-degree
burglary and destruction of property after allegedly trying to kick in
the door of an ex-girlfriend’s apartment, according to the Post. Police
found broken hinges on the apartment’s front door and shattered windows.
Anger management issues?
The SS needs top to bottom reformation. I do not want unstable people in that outfit.


Where is Clint Eastwood when you need him?


Last time I saw him he was talking to a chair.


Seems like he turned his life around after that suspension…

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This is the stuff of rightwing paranoid fantasies…Wonder what’s on the drawing board?

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A friend was just dating someone from SS (part of the broader service, not directly responsible for the President or WH) BUT, this dude is everything that is wrong with the SS and the Right today: in one rant (which started as anti-Hillary for no apparent reason) he went full birther, full “BHO is a secret Muslim,” Benghazi!!, Obama hates the police, Obama hates the military (this one was a doozy: he hates the military because of the troop withdrawal in Iraq has left wounded soldiers to die…somewhere), he’s taking our guns. ALL in one 10 minute rant. When asked for facts to back anything up, the only thing he could come up with was: Hillary mentioned Benghazi was a terrorist attack in an email to Chelsea Clinton BEFORE the administration said it publicly.
And that, folks, is the state of mind of more than a few in the Secret Service.
Reform needed indeed!


No coincidence that the agency went to crap after Homeland Security was formed in it became Just Another Bunch of Guys With Guns in a department full of such agencies rather than the flagship agency of the Treasury Department.


I’m sure he’ll consider himself an upstanding member of his church.

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Thank you, DC v. Heller.

Seems like harsh action by Personnel, but, cleanup of SS has to start somewhere.

I’m assuming the ex-girlfriend had a brother or dad who knew he’d probably continue this behavior…bye.

Talking to a chair in his living room.

Edit: sorry, missed the previous comment…great minds and all that

It appears the door wasn’t the only thing that became unhinged!

The biggest Nazi-loving racist idiot in my school, Glen Burnie High School, joined the Secret Service. I always figured he misunderstood the initials.

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Cue the Tin-Foil Hat Crazies with their wild Conspiracy Theories on how Obama had this guy killed because he witnessed Obama “worshiping as a MOOOSLUM” or maybe Hillary had him bumped off because he “Knew the TRUTH about BENGHAZI!”

…Just Another Bunch of Good Guys With Guns

Fixed it for ya!